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WebDonations is The Ultimate Donations Plugin for Unturned!

Save time & money by using WebDontions, an all-in-one donations plugins for Unturned.

WebDonations implements all the features you'll ever need in a donations plugin.

WebDonations follows state-of-the-art development practices with performance in mind which allow us to provide you the fastest donations plugin ever released for Unturned. WebDonations works seamlessly to deliver you and your customers the best donation experience you've ever seen.


  • WebDonations supports multiple donation web engines & providers:

  • Top Quality Code - Plugin doesn't use laggy technology that should've been deprecated years ago. Instead, it uses cutting-edge technology to deliver you the best performance possible.

  • Automatic Donations - The plugin automatically pings your selected provider to retrieve information about new donators and automatically assigns their ranks to them in-game.

  • Top Donators - Award your top-donators for a specific month with a custom rank accordingly, Allows you to create contests in your server to motivate your player to buy multiple ranks and boost your revenue!

  • NoSQL Based - The plugin doesn't require you to have an SQL server up and running. Instead, it uses document-based storage to store information about purchases and donators.

  • Subscriptions - Allow your players to buy time-limited donation packages by simply specifying the subscription length in the plugin configuration!

  • Supports Multiple Providers - The plugin supports multiple providers enabled at the same time.

  • Discord Webhooks - The plugin supports rich Discord embeds for multiple events (such as: when an item is purchased or when a top donator for a specific month is determined, refer to the "Media" section for screenshots).

  • Offline Payment Processing - Process your payments & donations while your players are not logged into the server! The plugin uses the latest Steam API endpoint to retrieve your player names while they are offline.

  • Rich Parameters - Parameters such as & are automatically-replaced by the plugin when donation commands are executed.

  • Whitelisting Team - We actively maintain a white-listing team to provider a smoother experience for our customers when they switch to a new hosting provider. Whitelists are usually done within 24h from the time they're requested!


  • /donate - Redirects your players to your enabled web-donation store.

  • /donate <ProviderName = Tebex | Enjin | Woo> - Redirects your players to your enabled web-donation store with the corresponding provider name.

    • Ex: /donate Enjin (OR) /donate Tebex (OR) /donate Woo

Configuration - Example (With Documentation)

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Nice Plugin

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Store: Roy Plugins

Price: $20

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Credit Card, paysafecard, Skrill, QIWI, WebMoney

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.