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Equip the full uniform once you equip a part of it and more.


When you equip a part of a configurable uniform it will equip the other parts too.

You can block other clothing which are not in the equiped uniform.

Uniforms can only be equiped when you have the permission.

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giveMissingUniformParts defines if the missing uniform parts should be given to the player.

onlyEquipIfHasAllUnifromParts defines if the uniform can only be equipped if the player has all parts.

allowWearUniformPartWithoutPermission defines if a player can wear a part of the uniform without the permission of the uniform.

useChatNotification defines if a chat notification should be shown when equiping or unequiping the uniform.

uniforms defines the list of uniforms that can be equiped if the player has the permission.

You can define it like this:

  <uniform name="police" permission="uniform.police" allowOtherClothings"false">


When you equip a part of a uniform and you have the permission of that uniform, it will equip the other parts too.


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Changelog for v1.0.1.0

Added option to allow / disallow other clothings while wearing a uniform