Ever wanted a pet? In unturned? Following you around? Here you got one!


  • Makes the player able to spawn an animal in (they have accsses to either by buying or having the required permission + you get it for free if you have it) that follows you around.
  • Supports both MySQL and normal file writing (saving data in config)
  • After x meters the animal gets teleported back to his/her owner
  • Max alive time (x seconds after the player spawned in his/her animal it despawns)
  • Uconomy support
  • Example video *Click me* (Quality not the best)


  • /pet help - Displays help for the player
  • /pet buy <name> - Buys the player a pet (if he/she can afford)
  • /pet toggleui - Toggles the information UI
  • /pet - Spawns in the latest pet he used
  • /pet <name> - Spawns in a pet by name the player has accsses to
  • /pet despawn - Despawns the pet
  • /pet list - Displays all pets available to buy



  • *Click me*
  • In the end of everyline it is "Color=<name>". Name can also be HEX, the color is jut the color the message gets printed in the chat for the player.


  • Commmand = /pet - Permission = pet
  • Rest of permissions are defined in config

Changelog (v1.1.14)


User Reviews

Favourite Plugin - Dec 15, 2019

VERY VERY cool plugin. I recommend this plugin as well for roleplay servers. It allows you to have your own pet which is very cute. Even thou the developer is not that active in my opinion it is still worth to buy. The UI, however, can be improved. And this plugin can still be better if the developer added or support more animals.

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Store: Adam Plugins

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.