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  • UI with current auction info
  • All barricades on vehicles are saved when auctioned away, as well as fuel, battery etc.
  • When auctioning away items a storage box pops up for you to put in all the items you want to auction away.
  • You can preview the current auction items by typing /previewauction or (/previewa) and a storage container pops up with all items being auctioned away. You can not take them out and it's 100% glitch safe.
  • An auction is not cancelled by the owner or a bidder leaving.
  • An auction queue exists.
  • An auction interval timer exists (so there's a pause between auctions).
  • You can customize an icon in the chat (e.g an icon pops up before all messages produced by the plugin)
  • All attachments, magazine etc is saved on the item, as well as health.
  • Announcments on the auction countdown configurable, e.g when 30 seconds left say this.


  • /bid - Bids on the current auction
  • /startauction - Starts an auction, if there's an auction running you're put in the queue.
  • /auctionvehicle - Starts an auction of the vehicle you're currently sitting in. The player needs to be the driver of the vehicle.
  • /cancelauction - Cancels the auction, but only if it's in queue. If not then the auction continues.
  • /previewauction - Previews the auction via showing the player a storage container of the auctioning items. 100% glitch proof.


Changelog (v1.1.6)

Harmony update

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