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  • UI with current auction info
  • All barricades on vehicles are saved when auctioned away, as well as fuel, battery etc.
  • When auctioning away items a storage box pops up for you to put in all the items you want to auction away.
  • You can preview the current auction items by typing /previewauction or (/previewa) and a storage container pops up with all items being auctioned away. You can not take them out and it's 100% glitch safe.
  • An auction is not cancelled by the owner or a bidder leaving.
  • An auction queue exists.
  • An auction interval timer exists (so there's a pause between auctions).
  • You can customize an icon in the chat (e.g an icon pops up before all messages produced by the plugin)
  • All attachments, magazine etc is saved on the item, as well as health.
  • Announcments on the auction countdown configurable, e.g when 30 seconds left say this.


  • /bid - Bids on the current auction
  • /startauction - Starts an auction, if there's an auction running you're put in the queue.
  • /auctionvehicle - Starts an auction of the vehicle you're currently sitting in. The player needs to be the driver of the vehicle.
  • /cancelauction - Cancels the auction, but only if it's in queue. If not then the auction continues.
  • /previewauction - Previews the auction via showing the player a storage container of the auctioning items. 100% glitch proof.


User Reviews

Doesn't live up to exceptions (*)(*)( )( )( ) - Jul 29, 2020

This plugin is alright but has many bugs and really doesn't live up to what a paid auction plugin... id say that a free auction plugin is better than this... but if you want a auction plugin that can auction off multiple items then this might be okay... but expect many bugs!

Known issues

  1. you can bid at the last second and get the items instantly... This shouldn't happen and instead make the auction time go up by like 5 seconds each time a big happens at the last 5 seconds

This plugin with a few updates could be perfect but it hasn't gotten those updates and so I have to give it a bad review...

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Store: Adam Plugins

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