Current Features

  • Trade with other players using a vault-like interface.
  • Configurable "Double Confirmation" to help prevent scamming.
  • Multiple items support.
  • Metadata support.
  • Anti-Duping method (Locks inventory when viewing).
  • Logout handling (returns items to both players).

Upcoming Features

  • Uconomy support for adding in-game currency to trades.
  • Block/Unblock sub-commands to prevent players from trading you.
  • More coming soon!





  • /trade <player> - Sends a trade request to a player (Cooldown configurable).
  • /trade accept - Accept your most recent trade request.
  • /trade deny - Deny your most recent trade request.
  • /trade abort - Abort your most recent trade request and/or abort your current trade.
  • /trade open - Opens the trading interface to add your items to the trade.
  • /trade view - Opens a locked trading interface to show the other player's offer.
  • /trade confirm - Confirms your trade (Must do twice if double confirmation is enabled).


  • trade - access to the basic trade commands.

Changelog (v1.0.3)

Fixed some bugs.

User Reviews

Ok. - Dec 26, 2019

Everything works fine. No options for command translation.


Store: SterZ Plugins

Price: $14.99

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.