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You ever played Snake or Curve Fever? Now you can play it in unturned too!


Snake is a event for the EventManager wich will give the winner of the event a reward you can define in the config.

This plugin requiresEventManagerandAdvancedZones.

The colors and arenas for the event will be randomly choosen.

The workshop mod with the tails and suits can be foundhere.

A video can be foundhere.

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minPlayers defines the minimal players needed for the event.

preEventEnableJoinMinutesdefines in what time before the event the players can join when announced.

preEventHideJoinSeconds prevents spaming when making a countdown in the EventManager.

frameCount controlls the speed the event logic is calculated. smaller value = faster event logic.

forceMoveFactor controlls how much a player is moved forward when he doesnt move himself (if you change frameCount you might want to change this too).

enemyTailBeginCollision controlls when the collision of the enemy Tail begins (if you change frameCount you might want to change this too).

ownTailBeginCollision controlls when the collsion of your own Tail begins (if you change frameCount you might want to change this too).

useSuittells if the player should wear a suit wich can be defined in the config.

Rewards can be defined like this:

    <reward id="81">

The snake tail and suit like this:

<snake name="blue">
   <tail id="9711">
    <parts />

radius defines the radius of the collsion of a tail part.

heightOffsetdefines the offset where the tail part buildable will be placed.


First you wanna create a snake arena:

/snake add arena <arenaname>

Then you should add some spawns:

/snake add spawnpoint <arenaname>

If you want to remove or list what you did use:

/snake remove <arena|spawnpoint> <arenaname> <spawnpointid>

/snake list arena

After you added a arena to the snake plugin you need to add one to the AdvancedZones plugin so the players can leave the arena and they can play without interruption.

Check out how to use AdvancedZones here.

You need to add the flag snakeArena to your zone:

/zone add flag <zonename> snakeArena

Then add a parameter wich will connect the arena you made with the snake command with your zone:

/zone add parameter <zonename> snakearena <yourarenaname>

Now the only thing left to do is to add the event to the EventManager.

Check out how to use EventManager here.

Adding the event:

/event add**<eventname> <eventtype> <priority>****<randomPlayersInsteadJoin> <maxPlayers> <maxTailLength>**

If randomPlayersInsteadJoin = true, it will take random players to player the event and not use the /snake join command.

And youre finally done :D


You need to permission "snake" to administrate the arenas.

The permission "snake.join" is needed to use the /snake join command.

The permission "snake.leave" is needed to use the /snake leave command.

If you have to permission "snake.join.full" you can use the /snake join full command to get in the event when it is full (it will kick a random other person from the event).


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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Changelog (v1.0.2)

Fixed stuff broken from unturned update

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