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Players can do a smuggling job to earn money. The police can join the chase for them to prevent the smuggle and earn some money.


Smuggling allows your players to drive with a car along a route and get money once its complete.

The next checkpoint will be marked on the map and you can add a effect on it.

If they complete the route they get the money back they payed for the vehicle.

The police can join a chase for those smugglers and if they prevent the smuggle they get some money as reward.

The smuggler position gets marked in a interval (defined in the config).

It works with a custom ui wich will create a nice feeling.

The workshop mod can be found here.

Uconomy is needed and can be found here.

Join the discord to stay informed about updates and planed features.

Get a 20% discount if you already own the delivery plugin (contact me to get the discount)


checkPointRadius defines the max radius a player can be away to complete it.

checkPointMarkerEffectID defines the ID of the effect wich will mark the next checkPoint.

checkPointWaitTimeSec defines the time you have to wait at a checkPoint to complete it.

cancelTimeOutOfVehicleSec defines the time after which the smuggle will be canceled if you leave the vehicle.

defaultRouteMaxTimeSec defines the default max time you have to complete a route (is overwriten if you add a time in the route).

buyVehicleForSmuggle defines if the players need to buy a vehicle for the smuggle.

buyVehicleSpawnDistance defines the distance the vehicle is spawned infornt of the player.

buyRandomVehicle defines if a random vehicle should be bought for the smuggle.

useSamePriceForRandomVehicles defines if all vehicles will have the same price when given randomly.

randomVehiclePrice defines the price for the random vehicles when useSamePriceForRandomVehicles is enabled.

removeVehicleAtEnd defined if the vehicle will be removed at the end of the smuggle.

useForceUnlockOnVehicle defines if the vehicle will force unlocked during the smuggle to avoid exploits with other plugins.

minPolicePerSmuggle defines the minimal amount of police players on the server to start a smuggle (e.g. if you have 2 smuggles active 2x the amount is needed).

notifiyPolice defines if the police should be noticed.

policePermission defines the police permission (default: "smuggling.police");

markSmugglerForPolice defines if the smuggler should be marked on the map.

markDelayMins defines the minutes between the marks.

permissionWhileInChase defines a permission which a player has while he is in a chase to work with other plugins.

Avaliable vehicles can be defined like this:

    <vehicle name="Orange Truck">


The permission "smuggling.admin" is needed to administrate the plugin.

The permission "smuggling.smuggle" is needed to use the /smuggle command.

The permission "" is needed to use the /chase command.


First you need to set a point for the police to spawn when they get "killed".

/sroute set policespawn

To start with the routes you need to add a route:

/sroute add route <routeName>


/sroute add route <routeName> <routeMoney>

Then you need to add checkPoints to the route:

/sroute add point <routeName>

Then you might want to set a custom maxTime for your route:

/sroute set time <routeName> <timeInSec>

If you want to list the things you added use:

/sroute list

If you want to remove something use:

/sroute remove <route|point> <routeName> <pointIndex>

If you want to set a new value to something use:

/sroute set <route|point|time|money> <routeName> <newRouteName|pointIndex|timeInSec|routeMoney>

If you want to teleport to a checkPoint use:

/sroute tp point <routeName> <pointIndex>


To start a smuggle:

/smuggle start

If you have set buyVehicleForJob in the config to true use this first:

/smuggle list

Will list all avaliable vehicles.

/smuggle start <vehicleID>

If you want to cancel your current delivery use:

/smuggle cancel

The police gets noticed once a smuggle is started.

To join the chase:

/chase join <id>

<id> is a individual id that gets generated for a chase which is shown in the smuggle notification.

To leave the chase:

/chase leave <id>

To list the active chases:

/chase list


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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