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SignCommands - Make signs execute commands when someone punch them!


  • Executes the commands when someone punch the sign , Radius is configurable!
  • Executes the commands from both sides, Console and player! Add tag [Console] or [Player] before / after / on both sides of the text!
  • Sign tags like color tags are supported! The plugin will get the text before / after the tags.
  • Add the following tags or for adding the player name or player steam id!
  • Player must have the permission sign.CommandName so the player / console will execute the command! ex: Permission sign.say works for sign text like : [player] say .
  • If you want your players to be able to execute /i id command with the permission "" , No problem! CommandsToCheckPermissionsWithText configuration option added!
    If the command is /i <id> the CommandName will be "i" and WhereToCheck will be 1 because the id is coming after the "i" command. Check the configuration file for examples! 
| ### **Config:** - **[\*Click me\*](**


Changelog (v1.0.4)


User Reviews

Review(*)(*)( )( )( ) - Apr 15, 2020

Plugin is alright but the support is very slow. When reporting an issue to Roy, the issue can take up to weeks to be viewed.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Horrible Support.(*)(*)(*)( )( ) - Feb 11, 2020

The plugin is amazing then it works. You type your command on a sign and then a player with the correct perms punches in a set area around the sign, it executes the command. It's fairly simple to use, a config explanation would be pretty nice but other than that it's fairly good. The support for this plugin and any of Roy's other plugins is the worst experience that you will ever experience.

6 out of 6 people found this helpful

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