RP Character


Let your players create a rp character with many features.


Players can create a roleplay character.

Use the expanded mode to allow players to create a character with name, date of birth and sex.

When a rp character gets created a discord message can be send to your discord with the character information.

The character name will be applied to the player name.

A option with a virtual id card can be used.

The workshop mod can be found here.

Join the discord to stay informed about updates and planed features.

A demonstration video can be found on the discord too.



useXmlInsteadMysql defines if a xml file should be used instead of a database.

useMysqlTimeSync defines if the plugin should sync with the database every ... minutes.

mysqlTimeSyncMins defines the minutes the plugin should sync.







Character Registration:

Normal mode

rpCharUIID defines the id used to show the registration ui (default: 9830).

rpCharInvalidUIID defines the UI id used to show invalid inputs in the registration (default: 9831).

Expanded mode

enableExpandedMode defines if the expanded mode should be used.

rpCharExpandedUIID defines the id used to show the registration ui (default: 9832).

rpCharExpandedInvalidUIID defines the UI id used to show invalid inputs in the registration (default: 9833).

allowDupeNames defines if a name can be used more than 1 time.

needFamilyName defines if a name has to include a family name.

enableChatNotification defines if a chat notification should be send.

openOnFirstJoin defines if the character registration should be opened when a player joins and has not registered one yet.

Virtual ID:

useVirtualID defines if the virtual id features should be used.

idcardUIID defines the virtual id card UI id.

idcardInvalidUIID defines the virtual id card UI id if the player has no character.

showIDDistance the max distance to show a virtual id card.

ShowIDCommandDurationSec the duration the virtual id card is shown when using the command.

idItemID defines the id used for pointing at a player to see the id card.

Discord Notification:

enableDiscordNotification defines if discord notifications should be used.

discordWebhook defines your discord webhook wich is needed for the notification.

discordUsername defines the username wich will be used to send the message.


addGroupsToName defines if prefix and suffix should be added to the name.

blockedPermissionsWithoutRPName defines a list with permissions that are blocked without having a character.

It can be defines like this:



The permission "rpcharacter" is needed to open the rp character registration menu with the /rpchar command (if openOnFirstJoin is enabled it will open it even without the permission).

The permission "rpcharacter.showid" is needed to use the /showid command to show your virtual id.

The permission "rpcharacter.requestid" is needed to request virtual ids of others with the command /showid player <playername> or when pointing at a player with the the id card (idItemID) in his hands.


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Discord Server

Game4Freak#9591 on Discord

Game4Freak on Steam

Changelog (v1.0.4.0)

Added option to add prefix and suffix to names

User Reviews

Review - Nov 30, 2019

Free unitipackage souce files. Not Enough Support. I have problem with encoding in database. Players want to add "Mężczyzna" in sex but in database i see "M??czyzna". XML metod works fine.


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Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.