• Kits with all optional elements
    • Cooldown and reset cd on death
    • Use cost
    • Money reward
    • Xp reward
    • Items with optional settings
      • Durability
      • Attachments, ammo, firemode for guns
      • Fuel option for fuel assets
    • Vehicle
  • Kits list command shows kit price and cooldown
  • Manage kits in-game
    • Create/delete kits
    • Set use cost, money/xp reward, vehicle using commands
    • Put all items for kit into your inventory and use a single command to change kit content (no adding item by item bullshit)


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here


  • /kitlist or /kits - show available kits. Usage permission: avi.kits.list
  • /getkit or /kit <name> - get specific kit. Usage permission: avi.kits.get and avi.kit.<name> for specific kit
  • Management commands. Each has usage permission: avi.kits.creative
    • /kitcreate or /kadd <name> - create kit with specific name. Advised to capitalize <name> because it looks better
    • /kiticreate or /kiadd <name> <cooldown> <cost (optional)> - useful for creating item kits. Same as above plus
      • sets kit cooldown (won't reset when die)
      • sets kit use cost (optional)
      • adds ALL of your current clothes and items to kit content
    • /kitdelete or /krem or /kdel <name> - delete kit with specific name
    • /kitcooldown or /kcd <cooldown sec> <reset when die +/- (optional)> - set kit cooldown and reset cd when die
    • /kitcost or /kcost <name> <amount> - set use cost for a kit
    • /kitmoney or /kadd<name> <amount> - set money reward for a kit
    • /kitxp or /kxp<name> <amount> - set XP reward for a kit
    • /kitvehicle or /kadd<name> <vehicle name or id> - set vehicle spawned by kit
    • /kititems or /kitems or /kitm <name> - kit will give items that you have in your inventory
      • Weapon slots are taken into account
      • Clothing that you wear currently is not taken into account
    • /kitresetcooldown or /kresetcd or /kcd- <name> <player (optional, mandatory from console) - resets cooldown of specified kit for specified player (or you if you didn't specify player). Usage permission: avi.kits.resetcd

Example config

Here. All values except item id are optional

IMPORTANT: If you have xsi:nil values in config then it won't load. You need to fix the config using this tool. Usage: in command line mono <tool path> <config path> (type mono, drag n drop tool exe into console, drag n drop config file into console)


  • Option to move permissions on kit rename

Price: Free!
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod
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Redistribution in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. In case of illegal redistribution the license will be terminated and legal steps may be taken.

If not stated otherwise, you are allowed to use the plugin on all servers you own.

Changelog for v4.6.5.0

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