• Multiple vote providers (unturned-servers, unturnedsl etc)
  • Multiple instances per provider support (vote for multiple servers from same provider)
  • Optional rewards of different types
    • Items (non random, pre-defined)
    • Random item bundles
    • Timed permissions
      • Vote to get certain permissions
      • Configurable amount of time after which vote permissions expire
      • Option to allow accumulating timed permissions time
  • Configurable broadcast options: toggle on/off and color, separate for items and permissions
  • Built-in steam overlay vote commands (limitation: name should not contain digits, special symbols untested)


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here

Price: USD 7.50
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod
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All future updates (bug fixes, new features etc) are included in the price.

If the product breaks in the future, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Changelog for v4.6.5.0

Latest libraries in zip