• Buy items or vehicles using /buy command
  • Sell items using /sell command
  • Check cost of items using /cost command
  • Comfortable XML configuration (not only commands or SQL or whatever)
  • Migration from ZaupShop


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here


  • IMPORTANT: If you have xsi:nil values in config then it won't load. You need to fix the config using this tool. Usage: in command line mono <tool path> <config path> (type mono, drag n drop tool exe into console, drag n drop config file into console)
  • If you used ZaupShop or anything else with commands /buy or /sell then delete Commands.config.xml in .../ServerName/Rocket/
  • To migrate from ZaupShop you need to execute the following command
    • /avimigrate shop zaup <zaup shop mysql connection string> <zaup items table name> <zaup vehicles table name>
    • This will append (not replace) entries to AviShop config


Buys list of items that players can buy. Item element has 2 attributes - id and durability. Durability of fuel assets (aka gas cans) will translate into fuel percentage
Sells list of items that players can sell
Vehicles list of vehicles that players can buy (single id)
VehicleBatches list of vehicles that players can buy (id range). Unturned has lots of vehicle types that have colors. For example vehicles with id from 1 to 8 are all Offroader type just different colors. So to set price for all offroaders at once just use VehicleBatch feature (IdFrom=1, IdTo = 8, price = xxx)
MaxItemsBuyAtATime Maximum items that can be bought with a single command

Highly requested config with all item IDs (for buys & sells) - https://hastebin.com/quqokofuze.xml - with vehicles stub


  • /buy <item name or id> <amount (optional)> or /buy v.<vehicle name or id> - buy item or vehicle. Usage permission: avi.shop.buy
  • /cost <item name or id> or /cost v.<vehicle name or id> - show cost of item or vehicle. Usage permission: avi.shop.cost
  • /sell <item name or id> <amount (optional)> - sell item(-s). Usage permission: avi.shop.sell

Price: Free!
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (23.02.2018)


Redistribution in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. In case of illegal redistribution the license will be cancelled and a copyright infringement may be issued.

If not stated otherwise, you are allowed to use the plugin on all servers you own.

Changelog for v4.6.5.2

Fixed multiple /cost chat messages & show total value when item bought