• Each player has a virtual "license passport"
  • Buy licenses for money, reputation and/or get it from license dealer
  • Check your licenses and licenses of other player (if you got permission)
  • Give/revoke licenses (e.g. give for special events or tests and revoke for rules violation etc)
  • LiteDB or MySQL


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here



If you don't want to use MySQL then make sure it's blank. Otherwise it should contain a full connection string. Here is an example of simple connection string:

MySqlTableNamePrefix Table name prefix. Use different prefixes for servers that don't need economy sync and same (can be blank) for servers that do need economy sync.

list of licenses for server

License elements

Id license id, used in commands, e.g. "gun"
DisplayName license name, something for humans not machines, e.g. "Shop License"
Price price, can be 0
RepNeeded minimum reputation needed to get license
ObtainMethod in case you only want to issue this license manually you can make a description of needed action here. For example for


  • /licenses or /llist - check what licenses server has. Usage permission: avi.licenses
  • /licensecheck or /lcheck - check which licenses you have. Usage permission: avi.licenses
  • /licensecheck <player> or /lcheck <player> - check which licenses player has. Usage permission: avi.licenses.check.other
  • /licensebuy <license_id> or /lbuy <license_id> - purchase a license. Usage permission: avi.licenses
  • /licensegive <player> <license_id> or /lgive <player> <license_id> - give player a license. Usage permission: avi.licenses.manage
  • /licenserevoke <player> <license_id> or /lrevoke <player> <license_id> - revoke a license from player. Usage permission: avi.licenses.manage


v4.3.0 and v4.6.3.1 had database structure changes. Please perform migration procedure to preserve old data. To migrate, execute these commands from console:

  • "/avimigrate licenses 430 <old_db_name.db>" if migrating from < 4.3.0
  • "/avimigrate licenses 463 <old_db_name.db>" if migrating from <

where is the value you had for DatabaseName in old config


  • permissions revamp
  • XP requirement

Price: Free!
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod

Redistribution in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. In case of illegal redistribution the license will be terminated and legal steps may be taken.

If not stated otherwise, you are allowed to use the plugin on all servers you own.

Changelog for v4.6.5.0

Latest libraries in zip