AviEconomy [UI, RP]

AviEconomy [UI, RP]  


  • Virtual in-game currency for your server
  • Balance UI. Free and beautiful. Add this workshop to get it working
  • XP mode
    • player balance is synced to player XP
    • option to use player current XP as initial balance
  • Transactions: you can view all your payment transactions (to/from whom, when and how much). Use cases:
    • Somebody claims to have paid you and you missed chat message? Easily check it by using /trin command
    • Plugin integration: e.g. you bought or sold something in the shop - you can see what and how much it costed
  • Check your balance and balance of other players (if you got permission)
  • Offline payments (by steam id)
  • Short commands as well as full versions that you are get used to (e.g. /bal /balance)
  • Bundled in goodies:
    • Permission based salary - just add a group permission and salary will be automatically. This is also perfect for integration with other plugins (e.g. Jobs)
    • Exchange XP to money
    • Exchange money to XP
    • Pay with XP
    • Zombie money
      • Rewards for killing zombie and mega zombie
      • Set up limits for killing zombies per hour and per day
    • Player kill money
  • See all server transactions in console (for last X hours)
  • Drag and drop setup for LiteDB


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here




  • /bal or /balance or /money - check how much money you got. Usage permission: avi.economy.balance
  • /cbal <player> (/checkbal/checkbalance) - check how much money a specific player has. Usage permission: avi.economy.balance.other
  • /pay <player> <amount> <reason> - pay somebody. Usage permission: avi.economy.pay
  • /trin <page> - shows incoming payments (transactions). Page 1 for last four payments, 2 for next four etc. Usage permission: avi.economy.tr
  • /trout <page> - same as above, only for outgoing payments. Usage permission: avi.economy.tr
  • /exc <amount> (/exchange) - Exchange player XP for money depending (rate in config). Usage permission: avi.economy.exchange
  • /mexc <amount> or /mexchange <amount> - Exchange player money for XP depending (rate in config). Usage permission: avi.economy.mexchange
  • /trlog <X (hours)> - outputs transactions on server for last X hours to console. Usage permission: avi.economy.tr.log
  • /xpay <player> <amount> - pay to a player with XP. Usage permission: avi.economy.xpay
  • /bankpay <player> <amount> or /apay - pay to a player from server balance. Usage permission: avi.economy.bankpay
  • /trclear - clears ALL transactions on server. Use this only in case of database corruption. Usage permission: avi.economy.tr.clear


  • If you wish a group to have salary then add a permission: avi.economy.salary.xx where xx is salary amount. Example: avi.economy.salary.100 to have salary of 100 for that group members
  • Only highest salary from group permissions is used when group defines more than one salary permission



If you are migrating from version lower than 4.3.0 then you need to run command to migrate economy data

/avimigrate economy 430 <old_db_name.db>

If you are migrating from version lower than 4.6.0 thenyou need to run command to migrate economy data

/avimigrate economy 460 <old_db_name.db>

where <old_db_name.db> is the value you had for DatabaseName in old config

Migrations above will put your data into /Rocket/Database/AviEconomy.db which is the LiteDB

Migration between MySQL and LiteDB

/avimigrate economy litedbtomysql <source litedb_name in Rocket/Database folder>
/avimigrate economy mysqltolitedb <target litedb_name in Rocket/Database folder>

Migration from Uconomy

/avimigrate economy uconomytomysql <Uconomy MySQL connection string> <Uconomy table name>
/avimigrate economy uconomytolitedb <target litedb_name in Rocket/Database folder> <Uconomy MySQL connection string> <Uconomy table name>

NOTE: Currently all there migrations are taking MySqlConnectionString and MySqlTableNamePrefix from the config so please make sure to configure it first


  • Better video tutorials

Price: Free!
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod

Redistribution in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. In case of illegal redistribution the license will be terminated and legal steps may be taken.

If not stated otherwise, you are allowed to use the plugin on all servers you own.

Changelog for v4.6.5.2

Latest libraries in zip