• Offline player info: character names, steam account names, IPs, total playtime
  • Check player info using /bio command
  • Check object (structure/barricade/vehicle etc) owner using /whois command
    • Option to open user/group Steam page in Steam Overlay
  • Admin arrest command
  • DmgAs command
  • Essentials commands
    • Jump, ascend, descend
    • Experience, reputation
    • Max skills
    • Force drop, wipe inventory
    • Refuel (vehicle/generator/item in hands)
    • Repair vehicle
    • Unlock vehicle using /jimmy command, lock using /lenny command
    • Teleport to vehicle (next/random)
    • Teleport to bed (next/random)
    • Wreck vehicle/buildable
    • Rain/snow shortcut commands
    • Reset player (delete saved game data)
    • Set attachment (allows applying any attachment to any weapon)


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here


IpUpdateIntervalSec How often to update player IPs (set to 9999 if you don't really care maybe)
ForceDropWhitelist These items won't be dropped when using /fd without id parameter
MaxExtendedSlots Max player count (can go over specified Maxplayers in server config) and server will still remain listed). Set to 0 to disable
ReservedSlots Reserved slot amount (taken off max players or max extended slots, whichever is more - e.g. max extended slots = 48 and reserved slots = 6 => 42 slots available for regular players without reserved slot). Only admins and players with permission avi.admin.reserved will be able to join reserved slots. Set to 0 to disable

Undocumented config items are for features that aren't ready for production use and very likely have bugs. I don't recommend using those


  • /bio <player> or /investigate or /playerinfo - shows player info. Usage permission: avi.admin.bio
  • /whois or /whose - show owner of the object that you are looking at. Usage permission: avi.admin.whois
  • /whois u - open object's owner Steam page in Steam Overlay
  • /whois g - open object's group Steam page in Steam Overlay
  • /adminarrest +/- <player (optional)> or /aarrest - "admin arrest" or release specified player or player that you're looking at. Usage permission: avi.admin.arrest
  • /dmgas <steam_id> - damage yourself as some other player. Added it when testing some player damage stuff. Usage permission: avi.admin.dmgas

Essentials commands

  • /ascend <meters> or /asc - teleport upwards by specified amount of meters. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.asc
  • /descend <meters> or /dsc - teleport downwards by specified amount of meters. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.desc
  • /givexp <amount> <player (optional, mandatory from console) or /experience or /exp or /xp - give xp to yourself or specified player. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.givexp
  • /giverep <amount> <player (optional, mandatory from console) or /reputation or /rep - give reputation to yourself or specified player. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.giverep
  • /forcedrop <player> <item id (optional)> or /fd - force player drop items from inventory. If item id is supplied only items with that id are dropped. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.forcedrop
  • /jump or /j - teleport to a place you're looking at or a bit upwards of it. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.jump
  • /jimmy or /unlockvehicle - unlock vehicle that you are looking at. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.jimmy
  • /lenny or /lockvehicle - lock vehicle that you are looking at. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.lenny
  • /maxskills - maximize your skills. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.maxskills
  • /maxskills <player (other than you)> - maximize player's skills. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.maxskills.other
  • /rain - toggle rain. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.rain
  • /snow - toggle snow. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.snow
  • /refuel - refuels first found of the following. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.refuel
    • a vehicle you're in
    • a vehicle you're looking at
    • a generator you're looking at
    • a fuel item in your hands (e.g. Gas Can)
  • /repair or /rep or /fix - repair all clothers and items in inventory. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.rep
  • /repairvehicle or /repv or /vrep or /fixv or /vfix - repair vehicle you're in or looking at. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.repv
  • /teleportvehicle <b for backwards / r for random (optional)> or /tpvehicle or /tpv - teleports to next vehicle on map, looping through all server vehicles. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.tpvehicle
  • /teleportbed <b for backwards / r for random (optional)> or /tpbed - teleports to next bed on map, looping through all server beds. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.tpbed
  • /wipeinventory <player> or /ci - clear inventory of player (including clothes). Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.wipeinv
  • /wreckbuildable or /wreckb or /wb - instantly remove the buildable from map. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.wreck.b
  • /wreckvehicle or /wreckv or /wv - instantly remove the vehicle from map. Usage permission: avi.admin.ess.wreck.v


v4.3.0 had a database structure change. Please perform migration procedure to preserve old data

  • To migrate, execute this command from console "/avimigrate admintools 430 <old_db_name.db>" where is the value you had for DatabaseName in old config


  • I might be adding some features once a while. You are welcome to suggest but forbidden to demand cheeky

Not coming

Price: Free!
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (10.03.2018)


Redistribution in any form without written permission is strictly prohibited. In case of illegal redistribution the license will be cancelled and a copyright infringement may be issued.

If not stated otherwise, you are allowed to use the plugin on all servers you own.

Changelog for v4.6.5.0

Libraries update