SignCommands - Make signs execute commands when someone punch them!



  • Executes the commands when someone punch the sign , Radius is configurable!
  • Executes the commands from both sides, Console and player! Add tag [Console] or [Player] before / after / on both sides of the text!
  • Sign tags like color tags are supported! The plugin will get the text before / after the tags.
  • Add the following tags {PlayerName} or {PlayerID} for adding the player name or player steam id!
  • Player must have the permission sign.CommandName so the player / console will execute the command! ex: Permission sign.say works for sign text like : [player] say {PlayerName}.
  • If you want your players to be able to execute /i id command with the permission "" , No problem! CommandsToCheckPermissionsWithText configuration option added!
    If the command is /i <id> the CommandName will be "i" and WhereToCheck will be 1 because the id is coming after the "i" command. Check the configuration file for examples! 


Video Tutorial:

  • *Click me*  [Sorry for the lags, 20 programs were open in the background]


Price: USD 15.00
Developer: Roy
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (21.06.2017)

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Changelog for v1.0.0.2

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