ThePurge - Manage PVE|PVP at day/night time! Force console or player to execute commands / chat when the mode is changing.




  • The plugin makes PVE at day time and PVP at night time! 
  • Sending messages to the chat when the mode is changing!
  • Translation file!
  • Set messages color from the configuration!
  • When the mode is changing, force your players or console to execute commands / chat !
  • Execute messages color from player side is also configurable!
  • Configure other commands when each mode is changing! 
  • {playername} and {playersteamid} can be added to the execute and will give you the each player steamid! 
  • Commands execute / chat is set up for all online players!
  • And more..! 



Price: USD 12.00
Developer: Roy
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (21.06.2017)

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features etc) are included in the price.

If the product breaks in the future, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Changelog for v1.0.0.1

Added License.