ReportPlugin - Report other players for doing forbidden things!

Important: this plugin requires the SQL libraries. Please download them here and unzip to Rocket/Libraries.



  • Allow your players to report other players about anything that seems wrong!
  • All data is logged with MySQL!
  • People with permission can close reports from ingame!
  • Check all open reports from ingame!
  • Same report must be closed first before making a new one!
  • Goto reporter or reported profile! 
  • And more..! 


  • /report <player> <reason> - Submit a report.
  • /reportedProfile [id] - Goto reported profile by case id.
  • /reporterProfile [id] - Goto reporter profile by case id.
  • /reports - Sends you back the open reports.
  • /closereport [id] - Removes the report by case id.

Price: USD 9.00
Developer: Roy
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (21.06.2017)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod
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All future updates (bug fixes, new features etc) are included in the price.

If the product breaks in the future, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Changelog for v1.0.0.1

Added License.