• Change names of all players to a configurable value
    • Whitelist of steamIDs whose names don't need to be changed
  • Optionally use prefixes and suffixes from Rocket groups
  • Players from qualified groups can see each other's names in chat
  • Permission to see all names chat: avi.noname.bypass


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here


Since all character names are the same all commands that find player by character name (e.g. /pay) won't be able to find correct player

Price: USD 7.00
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod
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All future updates (bug fixes, new features etc) are included in the price.

If the product breaks in the future, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Changelog for v4.6.5.3

Improvement that makes commands work with original character names (optional in config)