AviMotorista [RP]

AviMotorista [RP]  


Plugin enables ultimate control over vehicles on your server. Vehicle ownership (aka claim) that gives a vehicle and identity (HRID), enables a set of powerful features and enables command to interact with those vehicles.

Mainly designed for RP (Role Play) servers


  • Players can claim vehicles. Claimed vehicles get additional features
    • HRID (Human Readable Identifier). 
      • Think of it as a registration number
      • Assigned automatically based on config and random values
      • Can be changed later using a command
    • Players can checked if it's claimed with different access levels
      • Just tell if vehicle is claimed (use for regular players)
      • Tell owner of the vehicle if any (use for police and other RP authorities)
    • Anyone but owner can't lock the vehicle (PBC = permission based: claimer). Permission to enable: avi.motorista.lockowner
    • Indestructible tires (PBC)
    • Vehicle will take no damage (PBC)
    • Only players with permission/claimers can place buildables on vehicle. Permission to place: avi.motorista.place
    • Only certain buildables can be placed on vehicle (PBC). Permission per buildable avi.motorista.place.<id>
    • Only players with permission/claimers can use carjack on claimed vehicles. Permission is avi.motorista.carjack
    • Configurable maximum of barricades that can be placed on vehicle (PBC). Permission is avi.motorista.maxbuild.<x>
    • Remotely lock/unlock vehicle with awesome effects
      • Lock/unlock sound (with default workshop assets provided)
      • Headlights blink once on lock and twice on unlock
      • Configurable max range
      • Multiple ways to use
        • Commands which take vehicle HRID parameter
        • Items: just use a specific item (Multi's car keys supported) when looking at vehicle and it will be locked/unlocked
    • Find vehicle and mark it's location on the map (using marker)
      • Configurable max range
  • Automatic claim (optional)
    • First player who is driving and vehicle locked on this player will get vehicle automatically claimed
  • Manager commands that allow to assign/revoke vehicle claims (useful for authorities like police)
  • Globally disable
    • Tire damage
    • Vehicle damage
  • Works perfectly with
    • AviGarage - vehicles put into garage will have the claim set up after taken out (Careful! Does not work with GaragePlugin)


  • Check AviRockets installation tutorial here


All commands work when you look at a vehicle

  • /claimvehicle or /claimv - claim vehicle. Usage permission: avi.motorista.claim
  • /unclaimvehicle or /unclaimv - unclaim vehicle. Usage permission: avi.motorista.unclaim
  • /vehicleinfo or /vinfo - check whether vehicle is claimed. Usage permission: avi.motorista.vinfo, to get vehicle claimer name/id you need to have permission: avi.motorista.vinfo.detail
  • /claimvehicleassign <player/steamid> or /claimvset - sets claim to player with specified steamid. Usage permission: avi.motorista.claim.assign
  • /claimvehiclerevoke or /claimvrem or /claimvdel - removes vehicle claim. Usage permission: avi.motorista.claim.revoke
  • /beep +/- <HRID> - lock/unlock vehicle remotely. Usage permission: avi.motorista.beep
  • /findv <HRID> or /findvehicle or /vfind - find vehicle and mark it's location on the map (using marker). Usage permission: avi.motorista.findv
  • /changehrid <new HRID> or /hridchange - changes HRID of the vehicle you're looking at. Usage permission: avi.motorista.hrid.manage

HRID details

  • HRIDs are composed using random generator
  • Two HRIDs are never the same
  • Every HRID contains 3 digits and 2 uppercase letters
  • Config allows HRID to have
    • Prefix
      • Two random uppercase letters
      • One of custom list of prefixes to automatically use
    • Separator between digit and letter groups
      • a symbol between 
  • Example HRIDs
    • Random prefix and space as separator: AZ 439 QR
    • Custom prefix RDN and dash symbol as separator: RDN-001-JY
    • No prefix and space as separator: 441 QU
  • Usage in commands
    • Usually you only need to type last two letters to access specific vehicle because vehicle search is checking end of HRID to match your query
      • For example if you have vehicle with HRID AZ 439 QR then you can do /beep + QR to lock the vehicle
    • This would not work if you have 2 vehicles with same HRID endings ('QR') are present on the map. To access specific one you would need to specify more symbols
      • For example you have vehicles with HRIDs AZ-544-QR and AZ-844-QR. To lock first one you would need to use /beep + 544QR because 44QR is the common part.
      • Notice that separator is omitted - search knows about it so you don't have to include it, although you can, e.g. /beep + 544-QR will also work
      • However this is so unlikely to happen that can be neglected. Most of players would only need to use 2 last symbols


  • Improvements to /findv command (e.g. allow using items to improve search range or permission based search range, TBD)
  • More fancy commands for claimed vehicles
  • A video with plugin highlights
  • A few more awesomazing RP features

Price: USD 35.00
Developer: Sam
Developer Support: [email protected]
Current version: (18.03.2018)

The product only supports Unturned 3 with installed RocketMod
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If the product breaks in the future, it will be updated as soon as possible.

Changelog for v4.6.5.0

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