• /inspect : Gain access to any kind of storage item and modify its content (locker, wardrobe, plaque, ...)
  • /open : Open anything doorlike (hatches, doors, garages, ...)
  • /close : Undo /open
  • /salvage : Salvage any item and obtain it
  • /handcuff (<player>) : Handcuff anyone around you or a specific player (strength & radius is configureable)
  • /jail <player> <jail> (<seconds>)
  • /free <player>
  • /jails
  • /setjail <name>
  • /remjail <name>


  • same as command names
  • inspect.immune
  • salvage.immune
  • jail.immune
  • handcuff.immune

Note: the commands can also print the item owner's SteamID

Changelog (v3.0.5)


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