Let your players sell items the easy, fast and pleasant way!


SellBox lets your player sell items with a box.

This means they dont have to sell each item individually by id or name.

They can simply put it in the sellBox and all items that can be sold will be sold on confirmation.

Uconomy is needed for the plugin.

The workshop mod can be found here.

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A demonstration video can be found on the discord too.


sizeX defines the width of the sellbox.

sizeY defines the height of the sellbox.

noMoveWhileSellbox defines if the player cant move while in the sellbox UI.

showInvalidItems defines if invalid items will be shown in the confirmation UI.

sellItems defines the list of items that can be sold with their prices.

You can define it like this:

  <item id="488" price="100" />


The permission "sellbox" is needed to use the sellbox.

Open the sellbox with /sellbox or /sbox


  • AdvancedZones support
  • Experience instead uconomy (optional)


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Discord Server

Game4Freak#9591 on Discord

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Changelog (v1.1.0.0)

Added option to use zaupshop sell list

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