Medical System


Give your medics nicer tasks or use it for pvp. Its your choice!


The Medical System allows your medic to revive dead players.

It works with a custom ui and items wich will create a nice feeling.

The workshop mod can be found here and here.

A video can be found here.

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reviveRadius defines the max radius a medic can be away to revive a player.

reviveTimeSec defines how long a medic needs to revive a player.

reviveHealth defines how much health will be added to a player when he got revived.

revivePermission defines the permission a medic needs to revive a person (default: medicalsystem.revive).

fillRadiationAfterRevive defines if the radiation should be refilled after revive.


defibrillatorID defines the ID of the defibrillator (default: 9800).

defibrillatorChargeID defines the ID of the charge effect (default: 9801)

defibrillatorZapID defines the ID of the zap effect (default: 9802)

defReviveTimeSec defines how long a medic needs to revive a player with a defibrillator.

defReviveHeath defines how much health will be added to a player when he got revived with a defibrillator.

defRevivePermission defines the permission a medic needs to revive a person with a defibrillator (default: medicalsystem.defrevive).

fillRadiationAfterDefRevive defines if the radiation should be refilled after revive with a defibrillator.


dragDownedPermission defines the permission needed to drag downed players (default: medicalsystem.drag). useAlternativeDrag defines if the alternative drag option should be used (incase the normal mode doesnt on your server).


useMedbag defines if the medbag feature is enabled or not (requires mysql).

useXmlInsteadOfMySql defines if the medbag feature uses xml instead of MySql so you dont need a MySql Database.

medbagID defines the id used for the medbag storage (default: 9805).

medbagPermission defines the permission needed to use the medbag feature (default: medicalsystem.medbag).

medbagSizeX defines the width of the storage.

medbagSizeY defines the height of the storage.

medbagDatabaseAddress defines the mysql address.

medbagDatabaseUsername defines the mysql username.

medbagDatabasePassword defines the mysql password.

medbagDatabaseName defines the mysql database name.

medbagDatabaseTableName defines the mysql table name.

medbagDatabasePort defines the mysql port

medbagWhitelistedItems is a list of itemIDs that are allowed for the medbag (if the list is empty all items are allowed).

You can define it like this:



deathTimeSec defines how long a player can be "dead" before he gets completely killed and can respawn (when committing suicide you can respawn instantly).

deadUIID defines wich ui should be used for the dead player (9770 is with suicide button and 9772 without).

downedMovementSpeed defines how fast a downed player can move (if set to 0 he cant move).


explosionInstaKill defines if explosion directly kill a person.

notifyKiller defines if the killer and the downed player should be notified when downed / killed.

groupRevive defines if players in the same group can revive.

breakLegsAfterRevive defines if the legs of the downed player will be broken when he gets revived.

killDownedOnLogout defines if a player should be killed when he logs out.

disableCraftingWhileDowned defines if crafting is disabled while downed.

dropItemsWhenDowned defines if all items get dropped when downed.


useUconomyPayForRevive defines if the player who revived gets paid with uconomy currency (requires Uconomy).

useExpPayForRevive defines if the player who revived gets paid with exp.

shouldDeadPlayerPay defines if the player who got revived has to pay.

payPerRevive defines how much should be paid when revived.


canKillDowned defines if you can kill a downed player.

downedHealth defines the health a downed player has.

downedResistenceSec defines how long a player is resistent from getting finished after hes downed (should be 1 or bigger).


useAdvancedZonesSupport defines if you want to use the AdvancedZones support.


blockedPermissionsWhileDowned is a list of permissions wich will be blocked for downed players.

ignoreKillWeaponIDs is a list of IDs wich will directly kill a player.

deathTimeMultiplier can be used to decrease / increase the deathTime based on the part of the body wich got hit.

You can define it like this:



When you got "killed" you can use the command /medic or /112(permission**""** is needed) (if you want another command to be added to it contact me) to call a medic to their location.

They medics with the revive permissions will be notified and a marker with the location will be added on their map.

A medic or group member (if enabled) can revive a player by using the surrender pose.

A medic can use a defibrillator to revivefaster (can be configured in the config).

A downed player can be draggedby using crouch and surrender.


Add the flag "noDowned" to your zone with

/zone add flag MyZone noDowned

to disable being downed in this zone.


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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Changelog (v1.3.6)

Fixed bug caused by unturned update

User Reviews

10/10 Epic Plugin! - Dec 4, 2019

Works amazing, helps everyone have more fun, and PVP is wayyyy better.

Also medics have much better jobs.


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