You always wanted to fly? Now you can!


Flightmode lets you fly with the /fly command. The flying works without teleport and is smooth.

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The keys and the ascending / descending speed can be adjusted.

For the keys:

keyUP = ascend

keyDOWN = descend

KeySLOW = slowly ascend / descend

KeySPRINT = sprint while flying

By default "Space" = ascend, "Z" = descend, "X" = slow, "Shift" = sprint.

Here is a list of the usabe keys (german keyboard):

0 = "Space"

1 = "Left click"

2 = "Right click"

3 = "X" (Toggle)

4 = "Z" (Toggle)

5 = "Shift"

6 = "Q"

7 = "E"

10 = "."

11 = "#"

12 = "Ü"

13 = "Ä"


The permission "fly" is needed to use the flightmode.

To enable the flightmode use the /fly <on|off> command.

To ascend / descend use the keyUP / keyDOWN you set in the config.

If you want to ascend / descend slowly use the keySLOW additionally.

Experimental advanced flightmode

The permission "afly" is needed to use the advanced flightmode.

To enable the flightmode use the /afly <on|off> command.

Look up or down while moving to ascend / descend.


(Maybe) Enable flightmode when the player has a secial item equiped wich can be specified in the config.


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Changelog (v1.1.1)

Fix for new IP-Loader

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