Allows you to display a UI that counts down to your players!


  • Allows you to send a countdown with a simple command, built in console support too!
  • Option to send a countdown to a specific permission group only!
  • If a countdown is running and a new countdown is started for a specific permission group only, the old countdown will still display for all other players that aren't in the new countdown permission group!
  • If a new countdown is started, the plugin will automatically determine which countdown is newer! (Has higher display priority)
  • If a player joins after a countdown has started, the plugin will automatically send the UI OnJoin!
  • Simple to use - Time argument doesn't need to be in seconds but in the following format: 1h 30m 10s (OR) 25m (OR) 40s.
  • Quality code - To prevent any lags.


/StartCountdown <Text> <Time> (OR) /SC <Text> <Time>
/StartCountdown <Text> <Time> <Permission Group> (OR) /SC <Text> <Time> <Permission Group>


StartCountdown - /StartCountdown command
SC - /SC command


Workshop Mod -

Changelog (v1.0.0.0)

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