Developer: Haruki

Current version: (04.07.2019)

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.

Important: this plugin requires MySQL and this workshop.


Trailer and Demonstration - available soon




  • Good for RP servers.
  • Arrest and fine players for crimes they committed.
  • Check players that are wanted in a wanted list.
  • Every arrest and fines will be logged in the database, allowing you to check players for criminal records.
  • Players need to pay their fines in the Police Departments. Watch out for unpaid fines.
  • Only civilians can be fined, wanted or arrested. Police officers are immune to other officers' commands.
  • A working taser! Shoot players to freeze them for a certain amount of time. If they are in a vehicle, they will be thrown out.
  • Call the police if you have an emergency!




  • /arrest <player> <time> <cell> <reason> - arrests a cuffed player, sending him to a desired cell, both players must be in a police department (arrest based on distance, it can be configured).
  • /release <player> - releases a player from jail. This command is intended for higher ranked police officers.
  • /history <player> - checks a a player's criminal record.
  • /checkwanted <player> - checks if a player is wanted and why (lists the crimes he has committed).
  • /listwanted <page> - lists all wanted players currently online.
  • /fine <player> <value> <reason> - issues a fine a player must pay later at a police department.
  • /listfine <page> - lists all fines you have on your name.
  • /checkfine <ID> - checks fine's detailed information. You can get the ID of a fine with /listfine.
  • /cancelfine <ID> - cancels a fine issued to a player. This command is intended for higher ranking police officers.
  • /payfine <ID> - pays a fine.
  • /call <emergency> <location> - as a citizen, sends a message to all online police officers.
  • /radio <message> - sends a radio message to all online police officers.
  • /policeinvite <player> - invites a civilian to join the police.
  • /policekick <player> - kicks a police officer from the police.
  • /policelist - lists all police officers and superiors.
  • /inviteaccept - accepts a pending invite to join the police.
  • /invitecancel - cancels an invite that a police superior sent to a player.
  • /invitereject - rejects a pending invite to join the police.


  • /createpd <radius> <x> <y> <z> - creates a police department at your location or at an informed position. The X, Y and Z parameters are optional, if they are not informed, your current position will be used.
  • /deletepd <id> - deletes a police department at your location or one with the informed ID. The ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be near a police department.
  • /createjailcell <center-x> <center-y> <center-z> <exit-x> <exit-y> <exit-z> <police department id> - creates a jail cell that belongs to a police department. The Police Department ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be near a police department.
  • /deletejailcell <id> - deletes a jail cell. The ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be close to the center position of a jail cell.



  • osfurpolicesystem.admin - Allows to use admin commands to manage police departments and jail cells.
  • osfurpolicesystem.policeofficer.* - Allows to use all basic police officer commands. Those are: /arrest, /history, /checkwanted, /listwanted, /fine and /radio.
  • osfurpolicesystem.policesuperior.* - Allows to use all superior police commands. Those are: /release, /cancelfine, /policeinvite, /policekick, /policelist and /invitecancel.
  • osfurpolicesystem.civilian.* - Allows to use civilian commands. Those are: /listfine, /checkfine, /inviteaccept, /invitereject and /call.






Plugin Documentation


Plans for the future

This plugin will receive more features, improving with time. For that, I need your help with suggestions, you can DM me in the Imperial Plugins Disord, my user is Haruki.

Here are some of the planned features that I have:

  • Audit commands, when a player cancel a fine or releases a player, a entry in the database will be created, allowing players to find out who did it. This is already done, just need to make the commands to display this information.
  • User Interface, to display police tickets details in a better way. Also for informations that are in a list, like the criminal history.
  • More crimes, right now only murder is a crime that is detected and automatically makes a player wanted for it. I need ideas for new crimes that could be done in an automatic way, for example, I thought about making a speeding radar, where if you are in a road and you are driving above certain speed limit, you would automatically get a speeding ticket (this will probally be implemented).

Changelog for v2.0.1.6

Bug fix