Ever wanted a pet? In unturned? Following you around? Here you got one!


  • Makes the player able to spawn an animal in (they have accsses to either by buying or having the required permission + you get it for free if you have it) that follows you around.
  • Supports both MySQL and normal file writing (saving data in config)
  • After x meters the animal gets teleported back to his/her owner
  • Max alive time (x seconds after the player spawned in his/her animal it despawns)
  • Uconomy support
  • Example video *Click me* (Quality not the best)


  • /pet help - Displays help for the player
  • /pet buy <name> - Buys the player a pet (if he/she can afford)
  • /pet toggleui - Toggles the information UI
  • /pet - Spawns in the latest pet he used
  • /pet <name> - Spawns in a pet by name the player has accsses to
  • /pet despawn - Despawns the pet
  • /pet list - Displays all pets available to buy



  • *Click me*
  • In the end of everyline it is "Color=<name>". Name can also be HEX, the color is jut the color the message gets printed in the chat for the player.


  • Commmand = /pet - Permission = pet
  • Rest of permissions are defined in config

Changelog (v1.1.1)


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Store: Adam Plugins

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.