• Automatic license plates
  • Customizable postion, rotation and amount of plates
  • Players can't drive vehicles without access
  • Plate number prefix
  • Data stored in MySQL database


  • Admin commands
  • /lv register/reg [player] - Register new vehicle
  • /lv owner <player> - Change vehicle's owner
  • /lv unregister/unreg - Uregister vehicle
  • /lv updateprefixes/up - If you change plate number prefix in configuration then you might want use this command
  • /lv setcoords/sc - Set/update plate coords for specific vehicle or group of vehicles
  • /lv addcoords/ac <vehicle_already_in_group> <vehicle_to_add> - Useful when vehicle has diffrent types/colors
  • /lv removecoords/rc - Remove plate coords
  • Player commands
  • /mv register/reg - Register which is locked by caller
  • /mv lock - Locking and unlocking vehicle
  • /mv give <player_name> - Give your vehicle to other player
  • /mv access <player_name> - Let other players drive your vehicle


  • - /lv command
  • - /mv command
  • - /mv register command
  • licensedveh.admin - Ability to perform /mv command on every vehicle


  • MySQL database
  • License plate mod

How to set set up license plate position?

  • Just put plates on vehicle and type /lv sc

Changelog (v1.0.0.8)


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