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  • Save your files, folders, and MySql database.
  • Configure what saves.
  • Save your files and folders on a different time interval from MySql saving.
  • MySql not required.


Click here


  • The default location starts in the Rocket folder.
  • All locations must end with the file extension, such as .txt, .json, .dat, etc..
    For example if you want to save WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, the location to save would be ..\WorkshopDownloadConfig.json
    And if you wanted to save a plugin configuration, you would put the location in as .\Plugins\PSAutoBackUp\PSAutoBackUp.configuration.xml


Has only been tested on Windows, Linux may not work as expected.

Google Drive Saving

This can take a while to set up, and you must be able to authorize you Google Account to use it.

  1. Go create a project at, here
  2. Give your project a name.
  3. Go to the Credentials tab and click the Configure Consent Screen button.
  4. Use the External User Type, then click Create.
  5. Click Library and enable the Google Drive API
  6. Give your application a name, then click Save at the bottom.
  7. Enter your configuration file for the plugin, and put that application name at ApplicationName
  8. Go back to the Credentials tab and click Create Credentials, and click the OAuth client ID option.
  9. Application type should be Desktop app and give it a name.
  10. You will be given a Client ID and Client Secret, keep these to yourself, then download the json file.
  11. Take this json file, and put it in the PSAutoBackup folder, and rename it to client_secret.json
  12. Create a folder in your Google Drive, and enter it, and in the URL grab the string after folders/
  13. Using that string, enter the configuration file, and put that as the FolderId
  14. Save and you are finished!


  • Create backup command
  • Create video to show how to set up backing up to Google Drive




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