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Price: $10

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.


Create stores that allows your players to purchase or sell custom or Unturned vehicles (cars, boats, helicopters, etc).




  • Good for RP servers.
  • Never manually spawn a vehicle again! This plugin allows automated shops and no admin interaction at all.


  • Buy or sell vehicles from vehicle stores.
  • Each store can sell different vehicles, either by their type or manually added individually. This means you can have a store that sells only sports cars and another that sells only sedans. I already created the types that I think is the best for RP servers, but you can modify at your will.
  • Purchase vehicles with the money item from Unturned, experience or Uconomy.


  • Create stores and give them a distance radius that allows players to buy or sell vehicles when inside the area.
  • Create the spawn positions of purchased vehicles (it can be anywhere, it doesn't have to be inside the store area).
  • Choose each vehicle types or vehicles individually, a store is going to sell or buy.



  • /buyvehicle <vehicle id or name> - buys a vehicle with the given ID or name. Usage permission
  • /sellvehicle - sell the vehicle you're currently inside. Usage permission osfurvehiclestore.sell
  • /infovehicle <optional - vehicle id or name> - display information if the store you are in sells your vehicle, if it does, it shows the price. Usage permission

Admins - usage permission osfurvehiclestore.admin

  • /addvehicletype <type id> - adds an existing vehicle type to the store at your position.
  • /deletevehicletype <type id> - remove the vehicle type from the store at your position.
  • /createvehiclestore <radius> - creates a vehicle store at the your position and sets it's radius.
  • /deletevehiclestore - deletes the vehicle store at your position.
  • /createvehicleposition <store id> - creates a spawn position for vehicles for a vehicle store at your current position.
  • /deletevehicleposition <vehicle position id> - deletes a vehicle position from a store.
  • /vehiclestoreinfo - shows which vehicle types and positions the current store has.

MySQL Configuration and Tutorial



Changelog for v1.4.2