Create stores that allows your players to purchase or sell custom or Unturned vehicles (cars, boats, helicopters, etc).




  • Good for RP servers.
  • Never manually spawn a vehicle again! This plugin allows automated shops and no admin interaction at all.


  • Buy or sell vehicles from vehicle stores.
  • Each store can sell different vehicles, either by their type or manually added individually. This means you can have a store that sells only sports cars and another that sells only sedans. I already created the types that I think is the best for RP servers, but you can modify at your will.
  • Purchase vehicles with the money item from Unturned, experience or Uconomy.


  • Create stores and give them a distance radius that allows players to buy or sell vehicles when inside the area.
  • Create the spawn positions of purchased vehicles (it can be anywhere, it doesn't have to be inside the store area).
  • Choose each vehicle types or vehicles individually, a store is going to sell or buy.



  • /buyvehicle <vehicle id or name> - buys a vehicle with the given ID or name. Usage permission osfurvehiclestore.buy
  • /sellvehicle - sell the vehicle you're currently inside. Usage permission osfurvehiclestore.sell
  • /infovehicle <optional - vehicle id or name> - display information if the store you are in sells your vehicle, if it does, it shows the price. Usage permission osfurvehiclestore.info

Admins - usage permission osfurvehiclestore.admin

  • /addvehicletype <type id> - adds an existing vehicle type to the store at your position.
  • /deletevehicletype <type id> - remove the vehicle type from the store at your position.
  • /createvehiclestore <radius> - creates a vehicle store at the your position and sets it's radius.
  • /deletevehiclestore- deletes the vehicle store at your position.
  • /createvehicleposition*<store id>* - creates a spawn position for vehicles for a vehicle store at your current position.
  • /deletevehicleposition <vehicle position id> - deletes a vehicle position from a store.
  • /vehiclestoreinfo - shows which vehicle types and positions the current store has.

MySQL Configuration and Tutorial



Changelog (v1.4.2)


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