Important: this plugin requires MySQL and this workshop.



  • Good for RP servers.
  • Arrest and fine players for crimes they committed.
  • Check players that are wanted in a wanted list.
  • Every arrest and fines will be logged in the database, allowing you to check players for criminal records.
  • Players need to pay their fines in the Police Departments. Watch out for unpaid fines.
  • Only civilians can be fined, wanted or arrested. Police officers are immune to other officers' commands.
  • A working taser! Shoot players to freeze them for a certain amount of time. If they are in a vehicle, they will be thrown out.
  • Call the police if you have an emergency!



  • /arrest <player> <time> <cell> <reason> - arrests a cuffed player, sending him to a desired cell, both players must be in a police department (arrest based on distance, it can be configured).
  • /release <player> - releases a player from jail. This command is intended for higher ranked police officers.
  • /history <player> - checks a a player's criminal record.
  • /checkwanted <player> - checks if a player is wanted and why (lists the crimes he has committed).
  • /listwanted <page> - lists all wanted players currently online.
  • /fine <player> <value> <reason> - issues a fine a player must pay later at a police department.
  • /listfine <page> - lists all fines you have on your name.
  • /checkfine <ID> - checks fine's detailed information. You can get the ID of a fine with /listfine.
  • /cancelfine <ID> - cancels a fine issued to a player. This command is intended for higher ranking police officers.
  • /payfine <ID> - pays a fine.
  • /call <emergency> <location> - as a citizen, sends a message to all online police officers.
  • /radio <message> - sends a radio message to all online police officers.
  • /policeinvite <player> - invites a civilian to join the police.
  • /policekick <player> - kicks a police officer from the police.
  • /policelist - lists all police officers and superiors.
  • /inviteaccept - accepts a pending invite to join the police.
  • /invitecancel - cancels an invite that a police superior sent to a player.
  • /invitereject - rejects a pending invite to join the police.


  • /createpd <radius> <x> <y> <z> - creates a police department at your location or at an informed position. The X, Y and Z parameters are optional, if they are not informed, your current position will be used.
  • /deletepd <id> -deletes a police department at your location or one with the informed ID. The ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be near a police department.
  • /createjailcell <center-x> <center-y> <center-z> <exit-x> <exit-y> <exit-z> <police department id>- creates a jail cell that belongs to a police department. The Police Department ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be near a police department.
  • /deletejailcell*<id>*- deletes a jail cell. The ID parameter is optional, if it is not informed, you need to be close to the center position of a jail cell.


  • osfurpolicesystem.admin - Allows to use admin commands to manage police departments and jail cells.
  • osfurpolicesystem.policeofficer.* - Allows to use all basic police officer commands. Those are: /arrest, /history, /checkwanted, /listwanted, /fine and /radio.
  • osfurpolicesystem.policesuperior.* - Allows to use all superior police commands. Those are: /release, /cancelfine, /policeinvite, /policekick, /policelist and /invitecancel.
  • osfurpolicesystem.civilian.* - Allows to use civilian commands. Those are: /listfine, /checkfine, /inviteaccept, /invitereject and /call.



Plugin Documentation

Changelog (v2.0.2)


User Reviews

Good plugin, bad support - Dec 29, 2019

Very good police plugin, but the support is really bad. The plugin has been crashing for weeks, but has not been updated so far

Osfur-PoliceSystem - Dec 26, 2019

This plugin is one of the best! It has so many features with it! The one thing i like is the custom sounds when you fine someone. It is a little hard to setup (For me atleast) but after i got the hang of it it got extreamly simple and i recomend this plugin so much.

Needs update - Dec 22, 2019

Plugin is a great concept. but it needs to be updated.

Great plugin - Dec 18, 2019

The most valuable features for me are the taser one and ability to do /radio or /call. Althrough I wish it would be possible to disable every other feature, currently it keeps giving me random errors.

Polices love it - Dec 15, 2019

The best plugin for the police, but a little complicated to configure.

You can arrest, fine people, but the most important feature is a Taser! Ideal for RP servers!

Very good for Role Play - Dec 15, 2019

A very realistic plugin, it adds a lot of things to the police that they can use in their service, for example: arrest a person, write a fine, use a taser, etc., a very good plugin for this price

The best police plugin I have seen - Dec 15, 2019

I got this for my rp server and I don't regret it, it has support to add a working taser, you can jail, fine and check if people are wanted and much more, if you are thinking about getting this then you should not think twice you should just get it, all in all worth the price aswell so I would recommend this if you want a good police plugin.

The best plugin for Roleplay Servers - Dec 11, 2019

This plugin is ideal for add more stuff to the police role, dont have problems, and trojaner fix the errors in a cort period of time.


Store: ImperialPlugins

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.