• Uses MySQL
  • Logging system that doesnt reset on server restart. Works between multiple servers too. (optional)
  • Kit content will be told in chat once you claim a kit.
  • Kits can have a cost (requires Uconomy).
  • Kits can give money, experience, premade sets (to use for multiple kits), modified weapons/items (can be used for multiple kits; modified weapon ammo for example), items and vehicles.
  • After usage, the cooldown for the kit/category will be told in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Only requires a single setup in a MySql database table to work on all servers. Realtime editing affects kits immediately ingame.
  • One time kits (cooldown -1)
  • Category based cooldowns (e.g. cooldown before you can use another VIP kit)
  • Can migrate from Kits plugin
  • Turn your inventory into a kit with a simple command
  • Example kits, categories, sets and modified items


  • /kits: See which kits you have access to
  • /kit <name> [target]: Claim a kit for target
  • /createkit <name> <cooldown> [cost]: Turn your inventory into a kit
  • /deletekit <name>: Delete a kit
  • /migratekits: Migrate kits from the Kits plugin
  • /viewkit <name>: view the content of a kit you have permission to


  • kits
  • kit
  • kit.<kitname>
  • createkit
  • deletekit
  • viewkit

Changelog (v4.16.6)


User Reviews

Mikey's Review - Jan 13, 2020

Plugin works like a dream, Arechi is fantastic at providing support, especially for those who are new to mysql. However for what it offers it's a bit on the pricey side.

Salty's Review - Dec 15, 2019

This plugin is somewhat difficult to setup for anyone who is not used to MySQL but it does provide many additional features that regular kit plugins don't. It is very useful for me to use when creating or updating kits because it automatically updates without having to restart your server. I have found no issues with the functionality of this plugin whatsoever and believe that this plugin is worth your money. I had a couple of issues figuring out how to set it up but Arechi was helpful and helped me figure out how to fix the issue. For those of you interested in this plugin hopefully this review was helpful.

Review - Nov 30, 2019

Good but too expensive

MySQL Kits - Nov 29, 2019

It does exactly what you expect it to do. Originally, this plugin was going to be used along with a PHP website, but I never ended up finishing it. I do feel this plugin is pretty expensive for what it does, but if you have multiple servers and want to sync your kits this works like a charm. All in all, great plugin, but pretty expensive for the number of features it offers.


Store: Arechi Plugins

Price: $13

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.