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Items in your inventory can grand you permissions, which can be specified in the config.

Note that this plugin is the exact opposite of a blacklist plugin ;)


If a player has one of the specified items of the config in his inventory, he has the permission which is set for this item.

E.g.: If you have the item with the id "488" (Desert Falcon) in your inventory you have the permission "example.permission", what allows you to do stuff which require this permission.

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itemPermissions defines a list of item IDs with the permissions.

It can be defines like this:

  <itemPermission id="488" permission="example.permission">

If you want to use multiple items, simply copy this line:

<itemPermission id="488" permission="example.permission">


When you have the specified item(s) in your inventory you have the permissions set in the config for this item(s).

Example: Only if you have a drive license in your inventory you can drive vehicles (requires other plugin).


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