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Inventory Inspector UI



  •    UI is user-friendly
  •    Players(with permission "rocket.invsee") can look into target player's inventory and if they have permission "rocket.invsee.edit" can edit inventory
  •    Plugin supports background server player list and player inventory changes, that means if server player list or target player's inventory was changed during inspection, you will see the change
  •    There is also a help button - "?" I highly recommend you to click it at least once!
  •    I have provided Youtube video with my example how I interact with UI
  •    You also will need UI itself to make plugin work
  •    If player's inventory is full, extra items will be loaded to Cloud Inventory (each player on server should have cloud inventory access to get added items, permission -> "rocket.incloud" or "")



  •    /invsee: Opens a list of server players (/ins)
  •    /incloud: Opens your cloud inventory (/inc)



  •    "rocket.incloud" to use /incloud or /inc
  •    "rocket.invsee" to use /invsee or /ins (WATCH + NO EDIT)
  •    "rocket.invsee.edit" to use /invsee or /ins (WATCH + EDIT)







Special Thanks

There are always people that help us,

 I want to express my huge thanks to people who have answered and supported me concerning Unturned methods work and UI project settings or general support:

Educatalan02, Game4Freak, Daemonn, Trojaner, You guys may have a plugin for free (pm me in discord).

And last but not least I wanna thank me for the massive and complicated job I done to create such a nice plugin.


Changelog for v1.0.3

Stable version