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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.


GaragePlugin allows your players to save vehicles to a Virtual Garage and retrieve it later!


  • Players can save their Vehicle with name, Allows easy retrieve later!
  • All vehicle metadata is saved! [Health, Battery, Gas , Tires , Turrets etc..]
  • All barricades placed on Vehicle are saved, Even Items in lockers are saved!
  • Multiple Vehicles with the same ID are supported (Per player).
  • Limit or blacklist specific barricades on vehicles! 
  • Player garage is limited by Advanced Slots!
  • Create space slots in plugin config, You can just give your players the slot permission or allow them to buy the slot!
  • Uconomy and AviEconomy are supported! [For AviEconomy set "SwitchToAviEconomy" to true]
  • Everything saved in MySQL [One table for vehicles and one for extra slots]
  • Players can select by what to sort the next slot level [Cars, Trains, Planes, Helicopters, Boats]


  • GarageAdd <VehicleName> - Adds the vehicle the player is looking at to the Garage database.
  • GarageList - List all the vehicles in player's garage. 
  • GarageRetrieve <VehicleName> - Retrieves back the Vehicle from player's garage.
  • GarageDelete <VehicleName> - Delete \ Wipe the vehicle from your garage.
  • BuyNextLevel <ShortBy> [ShortBy Options: "Cars" | "Trains" | "Planes" | "Helicopters" | "Boats"] - Buys the next slot level and sorts the levels by <ShortBy>.

Short commands: GAdd, GList, GRetrieve, GDelete, BNextLevel.

Extra stuff:

  • The plugin generates program called GarageReader (Config Folder), This program allows you to read vehicles from the SQL table!




  • Permissions are the same as command names. 


Coming soon:

  • WebPanel for Displaying Vehicles.
  • Blacklist vehicles from being added to the garage. [Soon]
  • Accepting ideas!

Changelog for v1.0.0.4

Added new features