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GaragePlugin allows your players to save vehicles to a Virtual Garage and retrieve it later!


  • Players can save their Vehicle with name, Allows easy retrieve later!
  • All vehicle metadata is saved! [Health, Battery, Gas , Tires , Turrets etc..]
  • All barricades placed on Vehicle are saved, Even Items in lockers are saved!
  • Multiple Vehicles with the same ID are supported (Per player).
  • Player garage is limited by Advanced Slots!
  • Create space slots in plugin config, You can just give your players the slot permission or allow them to buy the slot!
  • Uconomy and AviEconomy are supported! [For AviEconomy set "SwitchToAviEconomy" to true]
  • Everything saved in MySQL [One table for vehicles and one for extra slots]
  • Players can select by what to sort the next slot level [Cars, Trains, Planes, Helicopters, Boats]


  • GarageAdd <VehicleName>- Adds the vehicle the player is looking at to the Garage database.
  • GarageList - List all the vehicles in player's garage.
  • GarageRetrieve <VehicleName>- Retrieves back the Vehicle from player's garage.
  • GarageDelete <VehicleName>- Delete \ Wipe the vehicle from your garage.
  • BuyNextLevel <ShortBy>[ShortBy Options: "Cars" | "Trains" | "Planes" | "Helicopters" | "Boats"] - Buys the next slot level and sorts the levels by <ShortBy>.

Short commands: GAdd, GList, GRetrieve, GDelete, BNextLevel.

Extra stuff:

  • The plugin generates program called GarageReader (Config Folder), This program allows you to read vehicles from the SQL table!




  • Permissions are the same as command names.

Coming soon:

  • WebPanel for Displaying Vehicles.
  • Blacklist vehicles from being added to the garage. [Soon]
  • Accepting ideas!

Changelog (v1.0.9)

Cool stuff

User Reviews

Garage(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 5, 2020

Excellent plugin!

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gg(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 21, 2020


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Nice Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 22, 2020

I love this because . It keeps my car safe.

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Great plugin!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 4, 2020

nelson tends to break it alot but this plugin is top notch. works as intended virtual garage space to store vehicles very useful to prevent theft while offline as well as keep server from having to load as many vehicles!

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GaragePlugin Review - TickleMeEdwa(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 18, 2019

A plugin that allows players to save their vehicles to a virtual garage and can be readily accessed at any time! The configurations are simple to utilise and supports MYSQL, meaning that vehicles of your choice can be added/deleted to a player's garage.

It is a slightly costly and the support isn't as superb, however, the plugin has everything that you need it to have.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase Now!

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Salty's Review(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Dec 15, 2019

As many of your have probably read through the other reviews on this plugin I don't think I need to bring up the fact that the support isn't the best that it could be. I have not had any issues with the plugin and it works great, but when there are issues I don't recommend relying on Roy to fix them straight away. Features and Simplicity is 10/10, Support is 1/10. Hopefully this review has helped those of you interested in this plugin make a decision.

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Poor support(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Dec 15, 2019

I like how the plugin works, it helps us to reduce lags in our server. My only concern is the poor support we get. Every time my plugins broke, this is the last plugin that got updated or fix. The whitelisting before takes ages as well, however he assigned a person regarding to whitelisting. And he's more faster and more responsible in regards to whitelisting. So overall I will rate the plugin 10/10 for its features and 7/10 for getting whitelist.

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Hey there, whitelists now are processed within 24h-72h if submitted correctly. Cheers!

Roy Plugins | Jan 30, 2020
Recommendation(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 13, 2019

I suggest that you update the plugin to the new version of unturned because now your server crashes when someone takes out a car [8/12/19]

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Recommended (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 30, 2019

I bought this plugin for quite a long time ago and I do not regret it, works like a charm, I don’t know what I would have done without it, I really recommend it.

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Thank you very much for you review!

Roy Plugins | Jan 30, 2020
Conor J - Review(*)(*)(*)( )( ) - Nov 30, 2019

The Garage plugin is a good feature to add to servers, it is nice. However, support is very weak from Roy, white listing sometimes takes some time and also some bugs such as storing your vehicle when it's locked and it may some times come out unlocked so people can steal your vehicle etc. This was not fixed to my knowledge.

0 out of 0 people found this helpful

Hey Connor, we do everything we can to improve the support & whitelisting process for our services. However, whitelists are usually processed within 24h if submitted correctly. Thanks!

Roy Plugins | Jan 30, 2020

Store: Roy Plugins

Price: $15

Supported payment methods: PayPal

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.