Players can do a driving exam to get a driving license with a point system.


DriveLicense allows players to do a drive exam (drive along a route) and get a license with some points.

The police can edit the points of a player and if the points drop to 0 the license will be removed from the player.

The plugin uses a database to store the licenses and a ui wich will create a nice feeling.

The workshop mod can be found here.

Uconomy is needed and can be found here.

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Database settings:








licenseShowUseCommandInsteadLook defines if the license is show if you look at a player or you have to use the /showlicense command (look might have some issues with the Delivery plugin).

licenseShowCommandUIID defines the UI ID used for the /showlicense command to allow you to use your own license template.

licenseShowCommandDurationSec defines how long the license UI is shown.

licenseShowRequestTimeSec defines how long it takes till a request to show the license has timed out.

licenseMaxPoints defines the max possible points you can get.

licenseShowDistance defines the range you can see the license of players.

licensePolicePermission defines the police permission needed to edit points and see licenses of others (default: drivelicense.police).

giveGroupAtPassed defines if a group should be give to a player when he passed the exam.

groupID defines the groupID wich is given to the player.

useForceUnlockOnVehicle defines if the vehicle will force unlocked during the test to avoid exploits with other plugins

testCost defines the costs for a exam.

testTimeSec defines the max time you have for the test.

testPassedShowDurationSec defines the duration the exam passed ui is shown.

testMarkerEffectID defines the ID of the effect played at the next checkPoint.

testVehicleID defines the ID of the vehicle used for the exam.

testTimeOutOfVehicleSec defines the max time you can be out of the vehilce till the exam gets cancelled.

testCheckPointsRadius defines the radius of a checkPoint.


First you need to add spawnpoints and the route:

/exampoint vehicle

Will set the vehicle spawn.

/exampoint player

Will set the player spawn.

/exampoint add

Will add a checkPoint.

If you want to list what you added use:

/exampoint list

If you want to remove a checkPoint use:

/exampoint remove <pointIndex>

If you want to set a checkPoint use:

/exampoint set <pointIndex>

If you want to tp to a checkPoint use:

/exampoint tp <pointIndex>


Starting a exam:

You need the permission "drivelicense.exam" to use the /exam command.

Only one player can do the exam at a time.

To start it use /exam.


Only enabled if licenseShowUseCommandInsteadLook = true in the config.

For players:


You need the permission "drivelicense.showlicense" to use the /showlicense command.

Will show your own license

/showlicense <accept|deny>

To accept / deny a showlicense request.

For police:

/showlicense player <playername>

You need the licensePolicePermission permission (default: drivelicense.police) to use the /showlicense command.

Will send a request to show the license.


/editlicense <playername> <amountOfPoint>

You need the permission "drivelicense.editpoints" to use the /editlicense or /editpoints command.

Will edit the points of a license decrease points with a negative amount and increase if a positive amount.

Custom License Template

You can make your own license template and set the ID of the UI at licenseShowCommandUIID in the config.

Your template should have 2 variables: {0} for the name of the player and {1} for the points of the player.

Your template could look like this.

A unitypackage can be found here.


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

Discord Server

Game4Freak#9591 on Discord

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Changelog (v1.0.4)

Tweaked license check: point (animation) at a player or use the commands to check the license

User Reviews

Best of the best.. But... - Dec 15, 2019

Very good idea, easy to configure, but recently this plugin causes players a huge ping. I don't know why, but I wrote to the developer.

Experience - Nov 30, 2019

Free unitipackage souce files. No option for exp mode insted uconomy or using both


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