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Workshop UI: ChallengeRewardsUI

Thanks to Salty for idea and testing!

Update 1.1

ChallengeRewards 1.1 update are mainly optimization improvements (calling database from non-game thread), clean up (cleaned up the code and changed pattern) and two new UIs.


  • Plugin has support for two different UIs
  • Quests can reward in item, vehicle, money or experience
  • Quest rewards can be claimed either through UI or automatically given on complete
  • 14 available quest types!


  • /challenges – Displays a UI with challenges and progress

Changelog (v1.1.5)

Fix System.Xml.Linq reference for Dapper error

User Reviews

Amazing!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 5, 2020

Deadset amazing support response times! This plugin is very amazing and is great to give your players something to work towards.

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