Banking System


Use the power of ATMs and other features to improve your server's economy.

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  • Fully UI based, no commands
  • 6 diffrent ATMs and 2 diffrent cards
  • ATM Cracker for illegal activities
  • Tax for paying (/pay) without the ATM or cash to improve roleplay (optinal)
  • Multicolored chat messages
  • Easy and fast setup


  • Sound effects
  • Account History (list of your money transfer like: sending, receiving, etc)
  • Experience as balance (no Uconomy required) (optinal)
  • Experience as Cash (Instead of items like a $100 note) (optinal)
  • Multiple user accounts (optinal)
  • Individual accounts for each player character (optinal)
  • Tax will be paid to a specific account or to a group account once added (optional)
  • Group accounts (optinal) (maybe)
  • Choosable difficulty for the ATM Cracker (higher difficulty = more money but takes more time)
  • Card scanner for cashiers to transfer money more easily



Left punch is all you need

  • open ATM --> Left punch
  • open ATM Cracker --> Left punch
  • open Card Scanner --> Left punch (planned for the future)


Place your card on the ATM (card slot) and open it with left punch.

ATM Cracker:

Place your ATM Cracker on a ATM and open it with left punch.



Simply place the ATMs ingame on your map and you're done


  • 9880 (Standalone ATM)
  • 9881 (Wall ATM 1)
  • 9882 (Wall ATM 2)
  • 9883 (Standalone Sign ATM)
  • 9884 (Wall Sign ATM 1)
  • 9885 (Wall Sign ATM 2)



  • posBalanceHexColor: Color for positive balance (default: #08DDA8).

  • negBalanceHexColor: Color for negative balance (default: #FF3C3C).

  • iconUrl: Url for the chat icon (default:

  • moneySymbol: Symbol to represent your money (default: $).

  • openingDistance: Opening distance for all devices (default: 3).

  • taxForPayWithoutATM: Should tax be used (default: true).

  • taxAmount: Amount for tax (default: 0.1).

  • bankNotes: List of bank notes (descending).

    It's declared like this:

	<bankNote name="$100">


  • atmUIID: default UI ID (default: 9860).

  • atmInvalidUIID: Invalid UI ID (default: 9861).

  • atmConfirmUIID: Confirm UI ID (default: 9862).

  • atmAccountUIID: Account UI ID (default: 9863).

  • atmWithdrawUIID: Withdraw UI ID (default: 9864).

  • atmDepositUIID: Deposit UI ID (default: 9865).

  • atmTransferUIID: Transfer UI ID (default: 9866).

  • atmHistoryUIID: History UI ID (default: 9867).

  • atmInfoUIID: Info UI ID (default: 9868).

  • atmIDs: List of ATM IDs.

    It's declared like this:

  • atmCardIDs: List of Card IDs (default: 9887, 9888).

    It's declared like this:


ATM Cracker:

  • atmCrackerID: ID for the ATM Cracker (default: 9886).
  • atmCrackerUIID: ATM Cracker UI ID (default: 9870).
  • atmCrackerInvalidUIID: Invalid ATM Cracker UI ID (default: 9871).
  • atmCrackerHackTimeSecs: Time how long it takes to hack a ATM in seconds (default: 600).
  • atmCrackerCashoutRange: Rangs of money gained from a hack (default: 100 to 200).
  • atmDisabledTimeAfterHackSecs: Time how long a ATM is disabled after a hack (default: 600).
  • policePermission: Permission needed to receive the police chat messages (default: bankingsystem.police).
  • minPoliceForHack: Minimal amount of police man needed to be online to start a hack (default: 1).


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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