Vehicle Despawner

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Tired of too many vehicles being hidden away and unused?

Vehicle Despawner will automatically despawn vehicles after they haven't been used for a set duration. The despawning of these unused vehicles will allow new vehicles to spawn for players to use.

For more information on features and configuring this plugins, refer to the documentation site.


  • CheckInterval - Time (in seconds) between checks to despawn unused vehicles (default: 30 seconds).
  • UnusedDuration - Time (in seconds) which must pass without interaction for a vehicle to be considered unused and be despawned (default: 2 days = 172800 seconds).

For more information on configuring this plugin, or to see the default config, refer to the documentation.

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User Reviews

Great Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 14, 2021

Great Plugin works as expected and support is great.

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Good plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - May 2, 2021

This plugin adapt so good whith GaragePlugin. Use that combination

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