Vault Robbery

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Rob vaults using an industrial drill.

Youtube Demonstration


  • Fully UI based, no commands for gameplay
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom workshop mod
  • Vault spawn system with diffrent vault types
  • Crafting recipes
  • Multicolored chat messages
  • Sound effects
  • Modular and slot based drills
  • Drills saved on shutdown
  • Option to enable drill damage on all barricades


  • Adding more module variants to the mod



  • Placing a Base Module creates a drill
  • Placing modules in their marked slots installs them to a drill
  • Left punch on a display module to control the drill



Adding a vault spawn

Use /vsadd <type...> while looking at a barricade to create a vault spawn at its position.

You can add multiple types like: small, medium, large and all.

Permission: vaultspawn.remove

Listing all vault spawns

Use /vslist to list all vault spawns.

Permission: vaultspawn.list

Removing a vault spawn

Use /vsremove <index> to remove a vault spawn.

You can get the index by listing all vault spawns.

Permission: vaultspawn.remove

Teleporting to a vault spawn

Use /vstp <index> to teleport to a vault spawn.


Force spawn a vault

Use /vsspawn to force spawn a vault.

Permission: vaultspawn.spawn



  • iconUrl: Url for the chat icon (default:

  • openingDistance: Opening distance for all devices (default: 3).

  • onlyAllowModulesOnDrillSlots: Should modules only be placeable on their slots (default: false).

  • onlyAllowStorageModuleStorageOnDrillSlots: Can storage modules (battery) only be opened when installed to a drill (default: false).

  • onlyAllowDrillDamageOnVault: Can only drills damage a vault (default: true).

  • canDrillDamageEverything: Can drills damage every barricade (default: false).

  • drillUIID: Drill UI ID (default: 9970).

  • drillConfirmUIID: Drill Confirm UI ID (default: 9971).

  • drillInvalidUIID: Drill Invalid UI ID (default: 9972).

  • clickSoundID: Click Sound Effect ID (default: 9973).

  • notificationSoundID: Notification Sound Effect ID (default: 9975).

  • drillSoundID: Drill Sound Effect ID (default: 9974).

  • batteries: List of batteries with their capacity values.

    It's declared like this:

<battery id="1450">


  • policePermission: Permission needed to receive notifications of robbed vaults (default: vaultrobbery.police).

  • minPoliceForRobbery: min amount of police officers needed for a robbery (use 0 to disable) (default: 2).

  • markRobbedVaultOnMap: Should the robbed vault be marked on the map (default: false).

  • notifyNearLocation: Should the nearest location be added to the robbed vault notification (default: false).


  • baseOverheatReductionPerSecond: Overheat level reduction per second when drill is turned off (default: 3).

  • drillsNeedGenerators: Should drills use generators instead of batteries (default: false).

  • maxDrillOverheatLevel: Max Overheat level (default: 100).

  • maxDrillRange: Max range of a drill (default: 3).


  • maxVaultsOnMap: Max amount of vaults on the map at the same time (default: 3).

  • vaultRespawnSecs: Seconds till a new vault spawns after one was destroyed (default: 15).

  • vaults: List of vaults.

    It's declared like this:

<vault vaultItemId="328" type="MEDIUM" spawnPriority="10">
Vault Settings
  • vaultItemId: Id of a vault.

  • type: Type of a vault (e.g: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE).

  • spawnPriority: Priority used to spawn a vault (higher = higher chance).

  • rewardItemIds: List of rewards form a vault.

    It's declared like this:



Basic modules

They are declared like this:

<module id="9970" type="BASE" />
Bit modules
  • bitDamagePerSec: Damage done to a vault each second.

    They are declared like this:

bitModule name="Bit Module" id="9971" type="BIT">
Engine modules
  • bitDamageMultiplier: Multiplier of the bit damage.

  • bitDurationUsagePerSecond: Usage of the duration of a bit module each second.

  • energyUsagePerSecond: Usage of battery capacity each second.

  • overheatPerSecond: Overheat level increase each second.

They are declared like this:

<engineModule name="Engine Module" id="9972" type="ENGINE">
Cooler modules:
  • overheatPerSecondMultiplier: Multiplier of Overheat level increase (less overheat < 1 < more overheat).

  • overheatReductionPerSecondMultiplier: Multiplier of Overheat level reduction (more reduction > 1 > less reduction).

<coolerModule name="Cooler Module" id="9973" type="COOLER">


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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User Reviews

Good plugin, if it worked.(*)(*)(*)( )( ) - Aug 23, 2021

It seems like an amazing plugin, and it seems really fun with the videos i've watched, and it could totally just be me or I messed something up in the config, but if your just a centimeter off on the placement of the drill, It says the modules aren't connected to the drill. I don't understand and i cannot get it to work. I've contacted the support but very slow responses. IF I get a response at all. I might be acting strict, but this is my opinion i guess. If I can get a response to help figure this odd issue out, I will change my review.

1 out of 1 people found this helpful
Great Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - May 17, 2021

Great plugin the players on the server love it

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
another one(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 26, 2020

another great plugin

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Nice(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Nov 28, 2020

Very nice

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Amazing pliugin(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - Jul 19, 2020

This is a very nicely made plugin performs well on servers and great for RP overall a great plugin however the response times for tickets lets down all whats good hugely

0 out of 0 people found this helpful
Good Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 5, 2020

I could say this is a great plugin for anything , but could use some features like that you can specify an amount of the item it will drop . But overall i think this is a great plugin. I would say that this is very much worth it :)

0 out of 0 people found this helpful

RewardItemIds in the vault config is a list so you can add as many items there as you like. Just copy the one line: 1055

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