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Have you ever wanted your shops to be accessible through a UI?

Using this plugin, players can buy and sell items and vehicles in your server's shop easily!

This plugin is made for OpenMod, the successor of RocketMod. OpenMod supports all RocketMod plugins. Migrate to OpenMod now. Feel free to ask questions in the OpenMod Discord.


Players can simply use /shop (or /vshop to directly access the vehicle shop). See the media on this page to view an example of the UI.

At the moment, commands must be used to configure the shop. More info on configuring the shops can be found in the Commands section.


Commands for UI:

  • /shop - Opens the shop UI.
  • /vshop - Opens the shop UI directly to the vehicle tab.

Commands for shop management:

  • /shop add <buy | sell> <item> <price> - Adds the item to the shop to be bought or sold.
  • /shop remove <buy | sell> <item> - Removes the buyable/sellable item from the shop.
  • /vshop add <vehicle> <price> - Adds the vehicle to the shop to be bought.
  • /vshop remove <vehicle> - Removes the buyable vehicle from the shop.
  • /shop order <item> <order> - Sets the order of items in the shop UI.
  • /vshop order <vehicles> <order> - Sets the order of vehicles in the shop UI.
  • /shop reload - Reloads the shops from the database.

Alternative buy/sell commands:

  • /buy <item> [amount] - Buys the item from the shop.
  • /sell <item> [amount] - Sells the item to the shop.
  • /vbuy <vehicle> - Buys the vehicle from the shop.


  1. Run the following commands to install necessary libraries:
  1. Specify in your Imperial Plugins config the openmod branch.

  2. Add the following workshop id to your WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file - 2412328215

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