SD RP Test

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Have you ever wondered why many players violate the rules on your RP servers? The answer is simple - they don’t know them! With this simple and convenient plugin, you have the opportunity to test your players on their first server enter. This plugin has a flexible configuration that will allow you to turn off the not tested player some of the features of the game! For example: To prohibit him to take a weapon, apply damage/ kill other players and write in the chat. It’s possible to make such a number of questions - which you wish too. So don’t be lazy and buy this plugin and improve the quality of the roleplay on your Role-Play server.

Discord for support and orders: LenzMix#3708 or SodaDevs Community

All features:

  • Only one simple command
  • Limit the game functions of the not tested player.
  • Small and fancy UI, with a buttons to your donate website and discord.
  • Unrestricted count of questions.
  • Custom test cooldown.
  • Rocketmod [JSON] / Openmod [YAML] Datastorage
  • Flexible Configuration


  • Discord – Webhook
  • Many answers will be possible (like A and C)
  • More restrictions for not tested players
  • More configuration abilities
  • UI Remake

UI: Click on me >_<

How to use:

  • After you installed the plugin on your server, install the UI -> see above.
  • Paste the links and descriptions for your discord/rules/donate in the configuration.
  • After that : [Openmod] Go to plugin’s folder and go to the file / [Rocketmod] Go to the configuration of your plugin. When you opened the file, add new questions or just edit them. (If you need help, contact us.)
  • After joining/timers cooldown/doing something restricted by the plugin, the player will get notificated about the test.
  • When player called the /test command, the plugin will display the UI for him with the introduction and etc. Then the player will do the test, answering the questions by clicking the buttons [A/B/C/D] (We will add more answer possibilities in the future). If he answered all question right or wrong, the player will be notificated whether he passed the test or failed it. The cooldown for the new try of doing the test can be changed in the configuration. Good luck.


  • /test – Use this command to do the roleplay test. Permission RM: "command.test" | Permission OM: "SDRPTest:commands.test"

User Reviews

GOOD(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) - May 24, 2021

Support more custom content as soon as possible, and support to open test again instead of being unable to open it after passed

1 out of 1 people found this helpful

Soon will be more functions and we add your idea. Now we making discord support. Thank you for review, we are getting better thanks to your feedback

SodaDevs | May 24, 2021

Store: SodaDevs

Price: $8

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms
RocketMod, OpenMod

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.