SD Mechanic PRO

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What is needed for the autonomy of life on the RP server? Vehicle to the players! And what do cars need for life? Car service! This plugin allows you to add points for repairing transport and changing the battery with a bunch of different settings

Discord for support and orders: LenzMix#3708 or SodaDevs Community

All features:

  • NO MySQL! It's a best features for people who don't want setup 1000 times MySQL
  • You can setup allowed engines on mechanic station in configuration. 0 - ALL, 1 * CAR, 2 - BOAT, 3 - BLIMP, 4 - HELICOPTER, 5 - PLANE, 6 - TRAIN. Delete one of number, if you don't want fill some type of vehicle on this position!
  • You can make all places with different cost
  • You can repair vehicle momentally, or repair X HP in N seconds
  • Setupable cost system. You can setup cost for 1 HP or just for repair full vehicle
  • Just horn to repair vehicle or change battery!

**UI: ** * Click me, dear *


  • /setmeh - Set new position for mechanic station
  • /meh - For repairing vehicle (If vehicle can't horn)


# Switches for Uconomy and UI
isUconomy: false
isUI: true

# UI Settings
UIID: 41221
UIKey: 123
UIMenuID: 41223

# Effects settings
EffectID: 133
EffectTimer: 1
EffectRadius: 100f

# Is cost on mechanic statios for 1 HP or just for repair full
isCostFor1Heal: true

# Is add HP per second, like you need wait when your vehicle will fully repair. "isCostFor1Heal" automatic true
isHealPerSecond: true
# Timer for adding N HP
timeFor1Heal: 1
# How much liters will come for "timeFor1Heal"
HealthForTime: 10


not_in_car: "You must be in vehicle to repair it! \nThis Mechanic Station for: {Info0}"
full_car: "This vehicle is repaired! \nThis Mechenic Station for: {0}"
invalid_type_car: "This vehicle not allowed to repair here! \nThis Mechenic Station for: {Info0}"
good_car: "Horn to repair this vehicle! \nThis Mechanic Station for: {Info0}"
cost: "Cost: {Info0}$ | Cost for battery: {Info1}$"
cost_full: "Cost: {Info0}$ | Full Repair cost: {Info1}$ | Cost for battery: {Info2}$"
start: "Starting repairing vehicle..."
finished: "Now your vehicle is repaired"
already: "You already repairing your vehicle! Start drive or exit from vehicle to stop repairing"
stoped: "You start drive or leave from vehicle! Repairing was stopped"
stopcar: "Vehicle must be stopped before repairing"
nomoney: "You don't have enough money! Repairing was stopped (No money, no funny)"
e_car: "Car"
e_plane: "Plane"
e_heli: "Helicopter"
e_blimp: "Blimp"
e_boat: "Boat"
e_train: "Train"
e_nothing: "Nothing"
usage: "Usage: /setmeh <Name> <Cost> <Cost of Battery>"
calready: "Gas Station already exists with this name"
number: "It must be integer number!"
number_min: "It must be number more than 0"
start_battery: "Battery changed!"
meh_repair: "Repair vehicle"
meh_battery: "Change battery"

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