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The best ideas are always on the surface! Why there is no level system on the servers, because this is an ideal way to find oldfags of the project and reward the player for his game. Now you can make a huge advanced level system with which to give out rewards, force players to complete missions and collect LVLexp to pass to the next level. For example, you can give the player access to new kits when he reaches level 10, or access to a new job on the RolePlay server, or simply reward the player with game currency. Ideas for working with this plugin are limited only by your creativity.

Discord for support and orders: LenzMix#3708 or SodaDevs Community

All features:

  • Maximum and Start level for player
  • Rewards when player up his level
  • Mission system. The player can increase their level by completing all the tasks given to them.
  • Experience system. The player gains experience for the levels when performing any actions
  • Control of rented car


  • Time experience
  • Time missions
  • More types of missions
  • More custom actions
  • New UI
  • Discord hook
  • Prefix add level (Now you can make roles/groups with permissions and levels)


How to use:

  • You can use only mission module, only experience module, all toghether modules and no modules (If you want just sell levelup). When you use both modules, player will increase their level if at least the conditions from any one module are met. For example, if a player has not completed the tasks, but has gained enough experience, then he will go to the next level, and vice versa.
  • Only a few mission types are available right now: "eat","drink","heal","killplayer","killhead","healplayer","structuredestroy","barricadedestroy","exp","heal","craft","items","finditem". Soon I will add more types, like vehicle destroy and etc (DM me what you want!). All missions you can setup in datafile, if you use OM, or in cfg, if you use RM. "finditem" and "craft" need to setup 'helpid' - id of item what you need craft/find.
  • All reward work like command, where %Player% replace on playerID and %Level% on new level. Soon will be more replacements.


  • /getlevel - Get information about your or other player level, level experience and missions. Permission RM: "getlevel and getlevel.other" | Permission OM: "SodaDevs.LevelSystem:commands.getlevel"
  • /uplevel [count] (player) - Up your level or give level some player. Permission RM: "uplevel and uplevel.other" | Permission OM: "SodaDevs.LevelSystem:commands.uplevel"
  • /setlevel [level] (player) - Set level. Permission RM: "setlevel and setlevel.other" | Permission OM: "SodaDevs.LevelSystem:commands.setlevel"
  • /givelevelexp [experience] (player) - Give experience for some player. Permission RM: "givelevelexp and givelevelexp.other" | Permission OM: "SodaDevs.LevelSystem:commands.givelevelexp"
  • /missions (player) - Check missions. Permission RM: "missions or missions.other" | Permission OM: "SodaDevs.LevelSystem:commands.missions"


levelmax: 100 - Maximum level
levelstart: 1 - Start level for new players
anouncelevelup: false - Is anounce when some player up his level
  level: 34101 - UI of level
  experience: 34102 - UI of experience
  missions: 34103 - UI with all missions
  missioncount: 34104 - UI wil count of missions
timesystem: - [Now not work]
  enable: true
  expperminute: 10
  expperpayday: 2000
  islevelmultiple: false
  enable: true - enable mission system
  enable: true - enable experience system
  customexplevel: true - Enable custom experience for get some level. You can edit it in Data file, if you use OM, or in config, if you use RM
  expmultiple: 2000 - Experience multiple, if customexplevel = false. To get next level you need to get CURRENTLEVEL * EXPMULTIPLE
  customexp: - Experience that you get for some actions
    tree: 10 [Now not work]
    zombie: 100 [Now not work]
    megazombie: 1000 [Now not work]
    player: 200 - Player kill
    playerhead: 300 - Headshot player kill
    aid: 10 - Heal someone
    structure: 150 - Destroy structure
    barricade: 100 - Destoy barricade
    vehicle: 100 [Now not work]
    food: 0 - Eat something
    water: 0 - Eat something
    craft: 20 - Craft something
    item: 20 - Get some item, that was SPAWNED. If someone drop item - you will get nothing!
    isItems: true - Hmmm. I add it in cfg, but forget for what....

Data file (In config, if you use RocketMod):

- level: 2
  - exp %playerid% 22000
  - i %playerid% 13 1
  - SOME COMMAND here like a reward
- level: 2
  - type: drink
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: eat
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: killzombie
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: killplayer
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: killhead
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: healplayer
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: structuredestroy
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: barricadedestroy
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: vehicledestroy
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: exp
    count: 10000
    helpid: 0
  - type: heal
    count: 10
    helpid: 0
  - type: items
    count: 100
    helpid: 0
  - type: craft
    count: 10
    helpid: 363
  - type: finditem
    count: 10
    helpid: 232
- level: 1
  exp: 10000
- level: 2
  exp: 16000

User Reviews

Awesome ! (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 12, 2021

Awesome System ! but %playerid% is not working also im so excited waiting for the new features on it

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Sorry for that, now fix it!

SodaDevs | Apr 12, 2021

Store: SodaDevs

Price: $10

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms
OpenMod, RocketMod

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.