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Do you have a huge popular server? Or is there a huge city on your server? Or are you just having problems with low FPS due to player construction? Our plugin will save any roleplay server from lags. Since when a player exits, his barricades do not play any role in the server's life, the plugin kills all his barricades from the server. And when the player returns to the server, all his barricades will return to their place with the items that were in them.

Discord for support: LenzMix#4596 or DiscordServer

All functions:

  • Removing and restoring barricades when exiting and entering the server
  • Customize the list of items that stay on the map forever
  • The administrator (With the necessary right) puts items that are not removed from the map
  • Setting the maximum number of barricades for certain groups
  • Switch that allow block placing barricade where already placed something
  • NEW MySQL Support!


  • maxcount - Maximum count of barricades per player
  • BlockBarrInBarr - Block building on the place where already builded someone who offline now
  • BlockRad - Radius of blocking building
  • List PermsCount - Permissions and count of barricades what can build player with these permission
  • List NotRemoveItems - Items what not deleting

Permission: "barrbypass" - Right allows you to build an unlimited number of barricades, which are not removed when you exit


<Config xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <PlayerBarricades />

In the future: Functionality will be added to control barricades and delete player data that has left the server for a long time.

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