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Every player has a huge pile of things that he sometimes just doesn't need. And there are players who urgently need something for crafting or for a raid. What should they do ? Is it unsafe to try to exchange, where everyone can cheat someone? There is a way out - our plugin, which opens access to a flea market where everyone can find a product to their liking. Everything is fully configured by the administrator, all prohibitions and so on!

Discord for support and orders: LenzMix#3708 or SodaDevs Community

All features:

  • 3 allowed currencies - Experience, Uconomy or Banknotes
  • Allow setup blocked items
  • Allow setup maximum items for sell
  • Allow setup all images and text translate
  • Allow setup fee for start selling
  • Beautiful UI that have all features
  • One command for all system
  • Filter for easily search
  • You can create categories, where you can summ all of items


Commands (Permissions - "opentrade"):

  • /OpenTrade - As you understand - open fleamarket

Configuration functions:

## All settings:
UIID1 = 23112 - UI
UIKey = 2311 - UI Key
feepercent = 0.1f - Fee in percents
isNoteMode = false; - Is use Banknotes
isUconomy = false - Use Uconomy, if BankNoteMode is off. If it false - use experience
isLoadSteamAvatar = false - Is load in UI steam avatar. China have troubles with loading images from steam + Some server can laggy when load it, because steam servers is...
blockitems - List of blocked items on server

## perms - Permissions:
	permission - Just name of permission
	maxitems - maximum items that allowed users

## Banknotes:
	id - ID of item of banknote
	value - banknote value
## ItemTypesGeneration - Just a tecnical storage with all types

## Categories:
	name - Category name
	image - Image of category (20x20px)
	types - List of types IDs from ItemTypesGeneration that contain this category
## Images - container with images for items
	ID - ID of item
	ImageURL - URL on image

ImageStandart = ""; - Image for all items that don't have own image in Images
ImageAllItems = ""; - Image for category "All" (Auto category)
ImageMineItems = ""; - Image for category "Mine items" (Auto category)

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Store: SodaDevs

Price: $13

Supported payment methods
PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney

Supported Platforms
OpenMod, RocketMod

All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.