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Tracked stats

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • KDR (derived)
  • Headshots (headshot kills)
  • Accuracy (headshot kills percentage, derived)
  • Zombies
  • MegaZombies (includes boss zombies)
  • Resources (Cutting trees/mining)
  • Harvests (Plants)
  • Fish


  • Uses async MySQL connections (no ping spikes)
  • Join/Leave messages with current rank (optional)
  • Reward tiers for each stat


  • stats [player]
  • rank [player]
  • ranking
  • display


  • Yeeti bot to display stats & rankings on Discord
  • UI (workshop id 1268199545 or custom)


  • Players can disable it with /display
  • Customizable colors
  • You can decide how many stats to display and which ones (just use their names from the Tracked stats section in config

User Reviews

Nice Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Aug 7, 2020

High quality plugin

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Fully featured and excellent support(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 28, 2020

Excellent plugin! PlayerStats allows you to reward players for their stats in the server. Comes fully equipped with in-game UI. You can reward players based off of their Kills, KDR, Deaths, Rank, etc. Making it very useful for giving free-to-play players something to work towards, or even seasoned veterans of your community.

Some ideas for rewards for players could be things like Tags, Ranks, Kits, Suffixes, Prefixes, Colors, Funds, etc. So far, our players love it.

The plugin is very customizable and has many features. Great for PvP or RP servers.

It also tracks PvE stats such as resource gathering so you can reward PvE players for harvesting related actions. A game changer for RP servers!

If you ever need help with it Arechi is super responsive and extremely kind. Had a few questions and Arechi responded within a few minutes!

Overall this is a great plugin for any server manager looking to boost their player activity and player retention. I highly recommend it!

Thanks Arechi

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Very nice plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jun 2, 2020

Works perfect without any issues!

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Review(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - May 25, 2020

Pretty good plugin for PvP Servers

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Player Stats(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Apr 10, 2020

The plugin works very well, no bugs as of yet, clean UI.

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Good Plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 11, 2020

Awesome plugins bruhh i love this plugin

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Good plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Feb 4, 2020

It helped me to create extra statistics.

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Been a great plugin until "updated"(*)(*)( )( )( ) - Jan 7, 2020

It was a perfectly working plugin with all the features I needed. Yet, update came and it became pretty much worthless. Instead of having an option to choose of what stats to store, dev chosen to make a mix of pvp/pve stats and remove two (one of most important) stats completely forcing server owners to manage how to derive it. Basically, purchased a plugin with all the features I needed, now it became completely different which forces to order custom plugin with old features...

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All stats are tracked now. The two removed stats you are talking about, KDR and Accuracy, are simply no longer stored in the database table, but they are still calculated for /stats and included in rankings. "forcing server owners to manage how to derive it" is basically dividing two stats with each other for web display scripts.

Arechi | Jan 24, 2020
Simple StatsUI(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 18, 2019

Ever wondered how many kills you have gotten on your server or how accurate your aims were? Don't worry! This is the plugin for you? This plugin allows players to view their kills, deaths, KDR, Headshots and Accuracy in a simple UI display. Players are able to easily turn on and off the UI by typing '/display' in game and has simple configurations that allows users to easily set this plugin up! This plugin also supports MYSQL, meaning that the databases of these stats can be carried out throughout servers of your choice by having the same kills, deaths, KDR etc. A specific player's stats can be erased through MYSQL as well.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase Now!

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Salty's Review(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 15, 2019

If you are looking for a plugin that keeps track on literally everything this is the plugin for you. It is very easy to setup and not hard to follow. The only downside I have found with this plugin is when a new player connects to your server it says that you have died once via the UI System (This is the case for any server that uses this plugin). Hopefully you found this review helpful when deciding whether or not to purchase this plugin.

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Store: Arechi

Price: $13

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All future updates (bug fixes, new features, etc.) are included in the price.