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This plugin is made for OpenMod, the successor of RocketMod. OpenMod supports all RocketMod plugins. Migrate to OpenMod now.


This plugin allows you to control how vehicles are locked and unlocked.

  • You can add a key which can be used lock a vehicle. Vehicles can not be locked without that key. The max usage of the key can be limited too.
  • Set chances of lockpicking. Can be permission based too.
  • Auto unlock vehicles.


autoUnlockTime: 3600 # set 0 to disable
lockKeyId: 1196 # set to 0 to disable
maxLocksPerKey: 5
destroyKeyOnMaxUsage: true
- itemId: 1353
  chance: 50
- itemId: 1353 # If you have lockpick.stealy.100, Stealy will work 100%.
  chance: 100
  permission: lockpick.stealy.100


This plugin has no commands.


Permissions are defined in config. You need to add them as ImperialPlugins.DamageBooster:<permission in config>, e.g. ImperialPlugins.DamageBooster:lockpick.stealy.100.


This plugin is fully translatable.

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