Better Blowtorch

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Repair Costs

Adds costs to repair barricades, structures, and vehicles with customizable repair material requirements. The plugin comes with a default materials config for every buildable in the game, default materials include Metal Scrap, Birch Planks, Maple Planks, Pine Planks, Bricks, Metal Bars, Fertilizer, and Cloth. E.g., lockers require metal scrap to repair, maple walls require maple planks to repair. All buildables have customizable repair costs, including item and required amount.

Prevent players infinitely repairing everything without cost!

Damage Repair Cooldown

Add a cooldown to repair barricades, structures and vehicles after they are damaged. Prevent players from constantly repairing their base during a raid to make online raiding possible!

Modded/Workshop repair tool support.

Supports workshop repair tools/blowtorches. Nerf that super OP blowtorch!

Repair Speed Modifiers

Customize repair speeds globally for Structures, Barricades, and Vehicles. Repair speeds can also be customized per blowtorch item.

Efficiency Modifiers

Customize repair costs globally for Structures, Barricades and vehicles, or per blowtorch items. Blowtorch 'efficiency' scales resource requirements. E.g., repairing with 2x efficiency requires half the resources.

Repair Blacklist

Blacklist certain buildables and vehicles from being repaired. E.g., prevent sentries from being repaired.

Unrepairable Bypass

Whitelist certain normally unrepairable buildables to be repairable. E.g., enable repairing of barbed wire fences.

User Reviews

That exactly what I want!(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jul 29, 2022

So finally a vehicle repair cooldown!

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Smart Creation(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Mar 25, 2022

Feature of this is the ideal of realism; more the repair you perform; the repair material would cost. The simplicity doesn't require anything but default, but if you wish to configure to more realistic than it provides.

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Perfect plugin for survival or rusturned(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Jan 6, 2022

Easy to use and set up, I had a question about it and the dev replied within 20 minutes I use it on 2 of my survival server and my rusturned server with no complaints or bugs.10/10

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