Base Clustering

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Main Features

  • All of wrecking ball commands, but improved.
  • Configurable settings for how bases should be clustered and defined.
  • An easy to use static API for interaction with the game at low cost.
  • A non-static API for interaction with pre-processed data.

Due to an issue with the current AutoBuild on the website, releases are available on GitHub directly. Once the AutoBuild is switched to Jenkins and works, the releases will be available from ImperialPlugins.


Command NameArgumentsDescription
clustersregenN/ANote that this will temporarily hang the server, so it should only be used if tracking of buildables failed.
findbuilds[b | s | v] [player] [item] [radius]Finds and returns the amount of buildables specified with the arguments (all if no arguments are specified).
findclusters[player] [item] [radius]Similar to findbuilds but applies to clusters only. Arguments will apply to buildables within the clusters, instead of the general properties of a cluster.
teleporttobuild[b | s | v] [player] [item] [radius]Teleports to a random buildable that satisfies the arguments provided.
teleporttocluster[player]Teleports to a random cluster on the map, or a random one that is held by the specified player as the most common owner.
topbuilders[v] Lists the top 5 players with the highest amount of buildables on the map.
topclustersN/ALists the top 5 players with the highest common ownerships on clusters.
wreckclusters[player] [item] [radius]Queues a wreck clusters action with the specific filters.
wreckclusters[abort | confirm]Aborts/confirms a previously queued wreck clusters action.
wreck[b | s | v] [player] [item] [radius]Queues a wreck buildables action with the specific filters.
wreck[abort | confirm]Aborts/confirms a previously queued wreck buildables action.
wreckvehicleN/AWrecks all of the buildables that are on a vehicle that you are facing. Does not require confirmation.

Arguments are special

All of the arguments can be on any order. For example:
/wreck pusta bed 50.0 is the same as /wreck 50.0 bed pusta

[b | s | v] is the first set of filtering arguments. It specifies whether it should filter for JUST barricades (b), for JUST structures (s) or to INCLUDE buildables on vehicles (v)
[player] is rather self explanatory, and it accepts both the player name AND the player steam64id.
[item] is also self-explanatory, and it also accepts the item name AND the item ID.
[radius] is kind of self-explanatory, but it should be kept in mind, that for it to not be confused as an item ID, you should ALWAYS end it with .0 (see example command above). Note that you cannot run the command from console when specifying a radius.
[abort | confirm] are text options, you have to write exactly abort OR confirm in order for it to be accepted. It doesn't do much other than abort/confirm the previous action.

Other Stuff

Default Configuration: TBP

Default Translations: TBP

For support or other queries, please join the discord.
Otherwise, you can always contact me through email @ [email protected]

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